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Pregnancy Funk

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CiaraBridge Fri 25-Mar-16 12:59:57

When you're in a funk. Nobody visits me. I hate visitors. Yes I want you to come over, on my t&c's.
Im tired, oh fuck why can't I sleep. The sun's out but I can't drive or walk so what's the point in getting up. These last few days are the hardest I think I've ever endured. I know if that doctor doesn't induce me Tuesday I think I'll lose the plot.
'Not long now' everybody is smiling at me and offering gestures and I know they mean well, but I'm not sure I'll get through another day of this.
This is, by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Something every woman was born to do and I can't do it. Or should I say I can't cope doing it. It's a massive let down when your body fights you on something you were born to do, born to enjoy even. People keep saying to me she'll come when she's ready but they fail to understand ^*I'm ready!*^ I need this baby to come now because if she doesn't I may just have a break down.
Am I depressed? Maybe, wouldn't you be if you couldn't walk, dress yourself, drive, have a bath? You know all those daily duties we take for granted.
I'd love to be nesting or having one last date night with the Boyf but all I can do is sit in wait.
People make me feel bad for not enjoying my pregnancy and people make you feel less of a mother when you haven't embraced your fate and 'just got on with it' I'm sticking a big fat middle finger up to those people. Just because you enjoyed being pregnant doesn't mean you will love your baby anymore than I love mine!!sad

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