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New Blogger - Thoughts Welcome

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AKADaddy Wed 03-Feb-16 14:34:31

Hi Guys,

I have just set up a new daddy blog at

Only posted a couple of times so far but would love to get a bit of feedback from people away from my ever so polite circle of friends.

Hope to get some feedback and tips to help me along the way, who is better qualified than you lovely lot to help.

Hope to see you there

Thank you in advance

Eddie AKA Daddy

Motherbug Wed 03-Feb-16 22:16:21

I like your writing style, and we definitely have the gender divide on how many wipes to use. My husband pulls out the (huge number of) wipes before even taking the nappy off - as if he can guess how many he'll need from the smell alone. Infuriates me!

You might want to edit your post to make the link to your site a hyperlink - might encourage people to click it smile

If you fancy checking out my blog, my post is the one below yours on this forum!

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