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7 Day Meal Plan for your 5 a Day

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Coletterbox Thu 10-Sep-15 23:05:19

ChickenMomma2015 Sat 24-Oct-15 08:54:29

I went for A 16week gender scan, (private) on Friday 16th October 2015
To discover there was , no heartbeat & my baby had stop growing at 14 weeks,
I had to have this confirm at my own hospital via another scan, then I had to take A Tablet to switch off the pregnancy hormones
I had to go back to hospital 9am Sunday & have tablets every 3 hours eventually at 11pm
I delivered A Tiny , but perfect little boy
My questions has anyone else been through a late missed miscarriage, then gone on & had other children ?
I am beside myself, I just keep thinking why did happen ?
Could it be I can't carry boys ?
I have 2 losses before I had my daughter in 2002 who is A Healthy 13 year old now.
Thank you for reading I hope someone has some advice for me star

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