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Child left without any caring family

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Whodoesthis Tue 16-Dec-14 16:45:15

Can anyone advise on the below

I had a relationship which lasted around 5 years and we remained friends afterwards. He had a young child. 4 months ago he upped and left to move in with another woman and her young child without giving any forward address or pay any maintenance for his child he left with me.

He does put pocket money in the young ones account every week but nothing to me for his food, heating, clothes etc. His natural mother gave away custody when he was little and none of his natural family are willing to contribute anything towards his costs etc.

I contacted my council and they are not interested although I am now in receipt of child allowance of around £20 per week.

I have contacted my doctor who is trying to get councilling for this abandoned child but the waiting list is 18 months

The young lad will be staying with me as I believe he is better off with me however I have no legal rights (I have signed the standard homework book etc) and no-one seems interested. My solicitor advised me to apply for guardianship which will cost me nearly £5K in total. The young one appears to have no legal rights whatsoever

His father has told me to just chuck an evening meal at him every night as that is all he needs!

My own child is a fully grown adult and has really helped but why does society allow this to happen?
Why is it acceptable for someone to abandon a child with a non natural family member without providing any care of maintenance?

TarquinMoriartyGruntfuttockII Wed 17-Dec-14 15:01:41

It might be worth posting this on the Fostering, Adoption or Chat boards to get some replies as this id for people with blogs to post about their blogs in.

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