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Advent activities for real life (subtitled, is this board still alive?)

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Gusthetheatrecat Tue 02-Dec-14 14:39:33

Oh dear. I used to come here regularly to look at other people's posts and (yes) to promote my own. But I stopped. And from the looks of things, so did everyone else...?

Well, on the offchance anyone reads this: I published a blog post in which I lamented the fact that part of me really aspires to do beautiful festive activities daily with my girls, which they pull out of their advent calendars each day. And another part of me is tired out, and lazy, and bemused by online suggestions for activities like 'make snow angels', 'go on a Christmas parade', or 'send Christmas cards to our heroes in the military'.

So I made my own list of rather more straightforward, UK-friendly, lazy-parent-compatible activities. Most of which don't require any specialist equipment or time. Like 'draw a Christmas picture' or 'dance to some Christmas music'.

And I published them as a printable on my blog here:
Advent activities for real life

I hope somebody sees this, and likes them.

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