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New Blog Post - Is your Mum's Life as Ordinary as You Think?

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borninastorm Sun 23-Mar-14 16:50:51

My mum’s 72, and I thought until I began writing this that she’d had quite an ordinary life raising me and my two older brothers in a boring little village in Scotland.

But as I began to consider her life I realised it was far from conventional.

woodrunner Sun 23-Mar-14 17:22:26

That's a lovely tribute to her, though I do always feel a tiny bit sad to hear that women of our generation can only get on in their studies and professions by having women of the previous generation in their family as on-tap childcare. (Not criticising you, just wish society wasn't structured to use one generation as help so that another can succeed.)

My mum is far from ordinary. She was a SAHM in our childhood, which she didn't enjoy or excel at. Got her first job at 50 and took up aerobics then too. Now, aged nearly 80 she is an award-winning professional artist, which is what she should have been all along. She complains of tiredness but that's because she parties so hard - out at private views or hanging her exhibitions or at endless rounds of dinner and drinks parties. I look forward to my old age with her as inspiration!

borninastorm Tue 01-Apr-14 13:17:56

Wow, woodrunner your mum sounds amazing! I hope I'm as energetic as she is when I'm 80.
I totally agree with you that it is terrible that the only way women of our generation can get ahead is by using our older generation of women.
Thanks for reading my blog!

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