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Listening to Tears

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Listeningtotears Thu 13-Mar-14 18:59:17

Hi, I just joined the bloggers network today. My blog is called Listening to Tears, and is mainly stories that of how the way we respond to our children's emotional upsets is one of the most powerful ways we can deal with any parenting issues we face.

Here's one of my recent posts, about how I helped my daughter to sleep through the night, without leaving her alone to cry it out.

''In all the debate about baby’s sleep the experts divide into two factions. On the one side, there are those that think we should leave a baby to cry it out, so that they learn to sleep on their own. On the other side are the ones that think we should do whatever we need to do to stop our children from crying. But there is a third way that involves a deeper understanding about the nature of crying. That we don’t have to leave our children alone when they cry, that we can hold them and support them, and help them heal, so that they naturally sleep better.''

Sleeping through the night

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