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2 accidents and he is demanding his nappies back!

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Chandra Mon 15-Aug-05 12:40:26

OK, first day of potty training, Ds had it's first accident with his new pants (he said he needed to go but refused big time to sit on the potty). Second time around, I took him to the potty and offered a sticker if he sat on it, he did but as soon he really couldn't wait anymore he refused to continue sitting and pull his pants up (I believe he thought the pants would have a similar performance to the nappies). Form then on he has been refusing the pants and has been trying to put the nappies on himself! . He seems distressed... should I go ahead?

Toothache Mon 15-Aug-05 12:42:20

Och it's only the 1st day.... I'd leave it for a couple of days and not make a big deal out of it. You don't want to scare him away from pants. How old is he?

My ds is 4 and still has accidents!

Mud Mon 15-Aug-05 12:44:04

put hm back in nappies and try again in a week or two

Gobbledigook Mon 15-Aug-05 12:46:00

Ahh bless - how old is he? I started with ds1 when he was about 2.5 or 2.6 and he went ballistic so I left it till he was 2.9 and he cracked it in 3 days.

I'm on the first day with ds2 today - 2 accidents also. He has sat on the potty twice but he's not keen (bribed him with a Thomas video) and hasn't done anything on it yet. It's past his traditional 'poo time' so I'm getting edgy now!

Ds1 did all his wees on the floor on day 1 so I'm just going to keep going.

mears Mon 15-Aug-05 12:53:22

Leave it a week

Chandra Mon 15-Aug-05 12:54:00

Thanks for your answers, he is 2.5 but seems to have all the signs of being ready (actually I decided to go ahead because he was demanding pants and refusing the nappies...). I have just put him down for a nap with a nappy (as the nursery recomended few days ago), so the score is the following:

Go back to nappies = 1
keep going for a couple of days= 2

I'll be back here in a moment with an update ;)


franke Mon 15-Aug-05 13:06:49

Poor you. I had this problem with dd. It might be best to give in and let him have his nappies back rather than him becoming more distressed. I just had to wait until dd was ready (she's now nearly 3) and just this last week she has decided to go on the big toilet. She always found the potty uncomfortable and I think that put her off. Since her decision last week she has only had 2 accidents, but she won't pooh on the loo yet. It's hard, but I just have to let her go at her own pace. hth.

Chandra Mon 15-Aug-05 13:12:35

Thanks Franke

Chandra Mon 15-Aug-05 20:18:55

A little update here, he has managed to pull his pants down, sat and the potty for a few minutes, pull up his pants, wash his hands and just afterwards started screaming and had another accident (sequence repeated several times). I have used chocolate buttons to "motivate" him to use the potty so atm I have a wind up child almost runing up the walls. ARRRGGGH! Nursery said that he seemed ready but refused point blank to sit on the nursery's potty! However, he only had one accident in the four hours he spent over there.

Chandra Mon 15-Aug-05 20:21:57

Got hold of a Huggies training nappies bag, I'm resisting to use it but, have just had a look at them and they are so thin that they look more like pants than nappies. Should I? Should I not?

logic Mon 15-Aug-05 20:32:37

I have been trying to potty-train ds who's 3 in a few weeks. It's not going well. He's done one wee in the potty but forgot to take off his pants and now he's refusing to wear pants at all. He was crying real tears when I suggested it this morning. I think he's physically ready but not mentally so I've put him back in nappies. IMO, it's not worth distressing him. The pre-school have said that they'll take him in nappies next term anyway.

Chandra Tue 16-Aug-05 09:41:34

I'm under the same dilema Logic. He doesn't seem distressed anymore, he accepted the pants easily this morning and, up to the moment of leaving, no accident yet but have not managed a single wee in the potty yet.

QueenOfQuotes Tue 16-Aug-05 09:47:30

Not quite the same dilema here as we've passed the daytime training.

But DS1 (who'll be 5 in September) announced 2 months ago he didn't want to wear nappies in bed anymore. YIPEEE we thought.......and started the night training. 1st 2 weeks, 4 dry nights - looking good we thought.

2 months later on and we've had no more dry nights AT ALL he's completely ambivalent if he's wet in the morning, doesn't seem to care.........BUT if we suggest wearing nappies again he completely freaks out!

Chandra Tue 16-Aug-05 09:55:27

Please QoQ, don't add more worry to my misery!!!

QueenOfQuotes Tue 16-Aug-05 10:01:01


but on a more postive note I'd say it's good that he's seems upset when he has an accident, DS1 didn't care when we were training him in the day eitehr, he'd happily stand there and wet himself and not say a word, and if we didn't realise he was wet would probably have gone round all day in wet clothes!!!!

Even now when he wakes up in the morning soaked to the bone he'll just lie there in bed ARGHHHHH LOL

Tommy Tue 16-Aug-05 10:12:56

Another one for going back to nappies! We started with DS1 when he was about 2y6m in prep for nursery but it really didn't work. Tried again at a week off 3 and he was fine! I think it simply isn't worth making an issue out of otherwise they get stressed. Good luck! It all seems like a long time ago now (although only 8 m) but I guess since DS2 is 2 next week, it won't be long before I start it all over again

Lonelymum Tue 16-Aug-05 10:18:52

Chandra, try not putting him in pants or nappies. Personally, I find they tend to just wet themselves happiy with no pants on at all, but if you are battling with him over pants or nappies and neither of you want to give way, it occurs to me that a compromise of sorts is that he wears nothing.

I firmly believe you should not give in and go back to nappies. You said yourself that you think he is ready, and he seems to be having some little successes. I am pt ing ds3 right now (my fourth) and he started, as did my others, by being distressed by the potty - I think it must freak them out, the change of routine/expectation. But that only lasted a day. He has just wee'd on the potty while I was writing this. He will probably have accidents later today, but you only need a few successes to give you inspiration. Go back to nappies if he hasn't progressed by the weekend, but don't give up yet!

Chandra Thu 18-Aug-05 14:06:58

A little update here, since monday he only managed to use the potty once (though he had been pulling his pants down, sitting on it and pulling his pants afterwards ...just before weeing on himself. He says pottete (?) when he is about to have an accident but it seems like he has not yet made the connection about what the potty is for, and considering what a cleanliness freak he is, I'm afraid he is worried about getting it dirty!

I have spoke to the nursery, we are going to try until Sunday and depending what comes out of that we will continue/go back to nappies next Monday.

Wish me luck, please!

logic Thu 18-Aug-05 16:23:19

Good luck, Chandra. Don't be stressed over it either way...

Chandra Sat 20-Aug-05 01:30:43

I'm afraid we will need to go back to nappies for a couple of weeks as DS just managed to wee in the potty once since Monday. I have got him a new more comfy potty hoping he can increase the time he spents at it before having another go in a couple of weeks.

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