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Willywatch Mon 15-Aug-05 00:12:03

Not sure that this belongs in here. But I have decided to have a go. My DS (2) has one. I have never pulled back his foreskin before but when he was pulling it back the other day, it wouldn't go back apart from a tiny red hold at the top. Is this normal? Should I be trying to pull it back or what.
When baby was born I asked my HV who said start pulling it back when he's 2

mears Mon 15-Aug-05 00:13:56

Leave it well alone. No need to do anything with it other than regular baths. 2 is far too young to be trying to retract forskin - should much nearer 7yrs or over.

Willywatch Mon 15-Aug-05 00:14:57

Thank you very much, it was worrying me.

sallystrawberry Mon 15-Aug-05 00:15:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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