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where do start?

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evesmama Sun 14-Aug-05 22:47:09

DD is 2 yrs 3 months..before move was eager to go on potty and did a bit here and there..but then decided was best to ru and hide everytime she wanted to do a number 2?

well were in new house..have potty, child seat for loo..kandoo wipes..potty training story book for girls and plenty of knick knicks.
have only planned to take her out one afternoon this week and even that can be cancelled as its tuesday and may be too soon.

had her new knick knicks on friday..did a wee all over new rug, but kept next pair dry.

so how do i start it off in morning?????


gingerbear Sun 14-Aug-05 23:06:21

get thee to Cod's thread girl!! lol.

gingerbear Sun 14-Aug-05 23:08:31

The cod starteth tomorrow

evesmama Sun 14-Aug-05 23:10:18

thanks so tired i missed it.
will have to read in morn whilst in process!! as my eyes wont take cods typing tonight

gingerbear Sun 14-Aug-05 23:13:44

I am off too, night night, will have a chat in morning if you are around.

evesmama Wed 17-Aug-05 10:49:17

well potty training has been hit and miss down to me having sickness and diahrea! and not being focused.
but this morning, after reading some ideas on other threads about 'taking' them to the toilet instead of asking..i sat dd on her 'big girl seat' on the loo and after a chat and play for about 15 minutes.....she did a poo
we screamed and laughed, thenrang daddy and nana to give them a blow by blow account

her face was a picture..she looked so proud of herself

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