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Potty training diary

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Lonelymum Wed 10-Aug-05 10:45:56

Decided to keep my own diary on this as I don't want to monopolise anyone else's thread but I do feel the need to off load somewhere!

Ds3 is 2.6 and on day 2/3 (depending on whether you count Sunday) of potty training.

Yesterday, he spent all day bare bottomed and in the garden and never once used the potty.

Today: I am not feeling too good - tired, headache, bit woozy at times - so not in the best mood for doing this, but I can't stop just because I don't feel up to it, can I?

Ds3 had a good sit on the potty at the start of today but did nothing.

Then wet one pair of pants.

I decided to rope in the help of three older siblings, but they just wound ds3 up and made him silly. He started hitting them. I lost my rag and slapped his leg (I know, that doesn't teach him not to hit, but this is the warts and all potty training diary - this is how it really is behind many people's closed doors). Ds3 promptly starting howling and then wet himself again but ds2, with great presence of mind, whipped ds3 onto the potty - just didn't take his pants off first! The result: another pair of wet pants but a tiny dribble of wee in potty too - the first time!

Felt obliged to give ds3 a choccie button as there was some wee in the potty. I have been promising choccie buttons for days now and I think if he finally gets the reward, even though the wee in the potty was really accidental, he might stsrt to get the idea. So, he got his button and I am now awaiting the next development.

I really feel too tired and lazy to do this though!

purpleturtle Wed 10-Aug-05 10:52:17

I think you have to reward every tiny little step of progress, even the accidental ones. Once he starts to enjoy the experience a little bit more, I think you'll start to find it a little less wearing too.

Keep at it Lonelymum - just think, nappy freedom

Lonelymum Wed 10-Aug-05 10:53:56

Thanks PT. I meant to say, any comments welcome as long as they are phrased positively, as I am feeling rather fragile right now (not just about the potty training).

MaloryTowers Wed 10-Aug-05 10:58:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

purpleturtle Wed 10-Aug-05 11:01:56

And remember - you've done this successfully twice before - you will get there.

Lonelymum Wed 10-Aug-05 11:04:20

Three times actually PT, but each time I feel like a novice!

While I am here, can anyone say what they do about cleaning carpets that have been wee'd on? Right now, there have only been a couple of drops which I have just wiped at with cold water. But what is the best way of cleaning them?

purpleturtle Wed 10-Aug-05 11:08:30

oops, didn't mean to reduce your family!

MaloryTowers Wed 10-Aug-05 11:16:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lonelymum Wed 10-Aug-05 11:49:51

After a few more tiny accidents, ds3 has finally done his first proper wee in the potty (but he was sitting on it anyway IYSWIM - he didn't go over to the potty to do a wee.) Fortunately, all three siblings were very excited about it (ds2 came after me as I was pouring the wee down the loo and said "What are you going to do with it now Mummy?" as if I was going to bottle it and keep it on the mantlepiece!) so ds3 got a very positive response. He did seem a bit bemused though, as if he hadn't really got a clue what he had done to warrant the response.

Lonelymum Wed 10-Aug-05 20:29:03

Oh dear, it all went pear shaped after that wee. My brother turned up for the day (very much the favourite uncle amongst my children) and chaos ensued with the potty training - massive puddle on carpet in kitchen! Gave up (ie put nappy back on) so I could eat lunch in peace and then there was naptime, then walk, then tea, then bath....all spent with a nappy on! Oh well, tomorrow is another day...

Lonelymum Thu 11-Aug-05 14:11:33

Today, ds3 had a few very minor leakages in the morning but sat on potty whenever I told him to, though with no result. Then, he was in garden with no pants on, having wet them, and started jiggling about and holding himself. He said he didn't need potty but then my friend who was there said "he is weeing". I whipped him on the potty and he did quite a big wee! We both agreed it was obvious he was jiggling (therefore knew it was coming) and held on to it after the initial little wee until I got him on the potty! Big breakthrough!

Since did one tiny dribble of wee on request just before going to bed, but any other wees must have gone on the grass. Still, getting there by slow degrees.

Lonelymum Sat 13-Aug-05 09:16:51

Yesterdays tally: two puddles, one poo in pants and 4 wees in potty. Just about breaking even.

Lonelymum Sat 13-Aug-05 20:22:30

Today, one puddle, one poo in pants and 4 wees in potty. Marginally better!

muminlondon Sat 13-Aug-05 21:24:06

good result!

Lonelymum Sat 13-Aug-05 21:27:09

Do you think so? I feel I am losing the plot a bit.

muminlondon Sat 13-Aug-05 21:35:12

4 wees in the potty sounds like a success to me! I nearly gave up today as dd has been having more tantrums than usual, not actually about the potty but maybe out of stress. it's been useful to see how you and other mothers are getting on. I think you're right about giving them a chance to see if they're ready, even if just for part of the day - if it really upsets them then it's worth giving up and trying later but if they're still willing to keep sitting on the potty it must be worth continuing for a week or two. And it sounds like you are making progress there.

Lonelymum Sat 13-Aug-05 21:49:26

Yes I suppose so. I just really want him to ask for the potty. So far, it has all been initiated by me. Although there have been one or two occasions when I have said do you wan the potty and he has said yes, so I suppose that is something.

muminlondon Sun 14-Aug-05 12:17:37

I know what you mean - dd hasn't asked for the potty either. She seems happy to sit on it provided she's entertained. I think she just needs to get used to the idea - up till now she's been unbothered sitting in poo but didn't know any different. Maybe she's not quite ready to take the initiative herself but there's no harm in practising for a bit. I don't blame my mother's generation for starting this process so early - even if it did take months there's not much difference between mopping up accidents and scraping the poo out of washable nappies every day .

Lonelymum Sun 14-Aug-05 20:09:02

Well today was a bit of a wash out. I was busy all morning and ds ran around with soaking wet pants and trousers for some time before I noticed!

Did nothing whatsoever in potty all morning. After his nap, I did get two wees out of him in potty but I really feel a bit bored by it all today and couldn't really be bothered to push it. Still waiting for him to ask for the potty. Also, I have realised he doesn't seem to be drinking much at the moment so there aren't many wees to do.

Lonelymum Sun 14-Aug-05 20:51:07

Wahoo! Progress of sorts! MIL was just putting ds3 to bed, already wearing his nappy, and he agreed to try for another wee and did one! Choccie button was duly delivered to him even though he has just had teeth brushed! Thank God for MILs! I would never have bothered to ask!

muminlondon Tue 16-Aug-05 14:45:59

So LM is he asking for the potty yet? My dd isn't, although she seems to be producing something more often than not when I remind her to use it. I think it's useful for her to become more aware, but just hope she progresses to using the potty out of her own initiative. She's not very good at undressing so I might leave her in knickers at home whenever I get the chance.

cod Tue 16-Aug-05 19:22:21

Message withdrawn

Lonelymum Tue 16-Aug-05 19:25:41

No Muminlondon, he is not. And don't huff Cod. Your ds sounds to be having more success than mine. I am getting really disillusioned TBH. I am only doing this so he can go to playgroup in September. I think he is too young (sorry Cod). I am getting nowhere fast. The last two days, he has had more accidents than before. Today, he has only done one wee in the potty and has had three accidents. Now I can't get him to sit on the potty - he is starting to have tantrums when I mention it.

yingers74 Tue 16-Aug-05 19:33:31

LM - think u are right that he may be too young, but what can u do if playgroup insists? Keep going as it sounds like he is getting there slowly. I started dd of same age about 3 plus weeks ago, it was the second time, the first time gave up after lots and lots of tears and accidents. It has gone well after intial accidents and now she asks for the potty and her poo is getting there too with majority done in the potty now - hurray! But yes it was hard work and am not looking forward to doing it again with the next one. Hang in there!

Lonelymum Tue 16-Aug-05 19:33:34

Blimey, he has just this minute volunteered to sit on the potty and did a wee right away! Thank God. Hope has been restored!

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