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Tots Bots with twins

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arlynab Tue 09-Aug-05 17:01:50

Just new to Mumsnet and expecting our first babies (twins) next month. Already ordered some Tots Bots and just wondered if these nappies has to be changed everytime the baby wets these or are they similar to the disposable ones wherein you can use these for a few hours at a time? Thanks in advance for any advise.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Tue 09-Aug-05 17:07:10

Not sure about using them from newborn, but ive used my tots for about 3 hours at a time. The wrap keeps the moisture away from clothes, and if you use a fleece liner, the baby will not feel wet for a while either. I wouldnt change everytime the baby wee's - you would do nothing but change nappies all day and have far too much washing!!!

bensmum3 Tue 09-Aug-05 20:09:18

I actually found that cloth nappies as long as they fit well contained breast fed poo better than disposibles. Have used cloth since ds was born and disp's on the odd occasion when away, and don't think they need changing any more often . All newborns need changing at most feeds anyway. As jessicaandbumpsmummy says, a fleece liner will keep the wet away from babies bottoms as well. Good luck, its fun using cloth.

maisiemog Tue 09-Aug-05 20:54:40

Hi there, congratulations on twins, that will be a challenge (but fun). I think there's a website for people with twins, there was a national twins week about a month ago and there were a few organisations set up to help people with twice the fun.
I think the drill is change at every feed - at least that's what we did, so roughly every 2-3 hours.
I know someone who did tots on twins and had 20 - but they tumbledried them from wet every night, which is a bit expensive.
Have you thought about using something a bit cheaper alongside the tots, whilst the babies are still tiny. Muslins, terries or prefolds are cheap and all dry fast(er than tots). I have heard eenee snibs are good as well, from Lollipop nappies. They are teeny wraps that you put a muslin or whatever into.

MarsLady Tue 09-Aug-05 20:59:42

Congrats on the twins.

Come and say hi to us on the twins threads. There are many of us. There are even triplet mums (bow down with great respect cos they are AMAZING people).

Incidently... I have no idea about Tots Bots.

Bagpuss30 Wed 10-Aug-05 12:22:02

Have been using tots (unbleached) on ds2 from about 12 days old. They are my favorite nappy so far I think. Usually change about every three hours (he's now 5 weeks old) and they are not usually sodden. I also use flat terries which dry really quickly and on a newborn have the same amount of bulk as the tots do. They are a good back up. Use a mixture of fleece and paper liners depending on where we are and what we are doing. HTH

arlynab Wed 10-Aug-05 14:34:40

Thank you so much for all the advise. I now feel relieved. Yes, it will be a challenge having twins and using washable nappies. Since it is usually warm where I live at the moment - Shanghai - we should hopefully have sunny spells so I can line dry the nappies without tumble drying them a lot.

maisiemog Wed 10-Aug-05 17:01:04

Wow! Shanghai - how exotic. Totally agree, your nappies will be dry pretty fast, and sparkly white to boot!
I lived in Greece for a while and my washing was dry in a couple of hours. If you left it longer it went white (whatever colour it started off), plus all the old dears would be talking about you. Tsk tsk!!

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