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Motherease one size and airflow wraps and ? re training pants.

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bensmum3 Tue 09-Aug-05 09:32:35

Hi, I've been using these on ds since birth and still use them now a 2yrs, Mother in law bought us a whole set when ds was born and I have some that we havent used for sale on the For sale board if anyone is interested.Also have some more used but vgc ones that aren't yet advertised.
My question is what are the best training pants for a 2 yr old boy?

fisil Tue 09-Aug-05 09:35:44

i'm not sure what exactly training pants are. We have just got ds1 onto the potty (he's 2 1/2). We told him he was only going to wear pants from now on and we put him into ordinary pants (you know, just plain cotton ones from M&S).

Do you mean "pull ups"? We've used them for ages, assuming they were just nappies that were easier to get onto toddlers who didn't do lying down. These aren't great for potty training, (especially boys) as they are just nappies, so why bother to take them off if you could wee in them?

fisil Tue 09-Aug-05 09:36:24

Oh, and we've been very successful, BTW, only a couple of accidents on the first days, and then that's it, potty use sorted.

bensmum3 Tue 09-Aug-05 09:45:25

Hi fisil, that sounds easy ?
I was thinking of getting some reusable cloth training pants, like motherease or bright bots, but would like opinions on which ones and whether they are worth buying.

fisil Tue 09-Aug-05 09:52:29

Why not just get cheap pants? We found the wee training very easy, but still have not mastered the pooing at all. When he poos in his pants we just cut them off and throw them in the bin. If we'd bought special pants for the training, I think we'd feel loathe to do that, and instead fight with pulling pooey pants down his wriggly legs. Don't fancy that much! Plus we've found we have to have about 20 pairs of pants because you do get through them pretty quickly (even without accidents any more we still get through a couple of pairs a day cos he doesn't pull them down far enough or he discards them in one room and we don't locate them til later!)

Tumblemum Tue 09-Aug-05 09:55:42

I am interested in the used motherease, would you cat me thank you

bensmum3 Tue 09-Aug-05 10:11:30

Tumblemum, its saying you can't recieve CAT ? I have 10 used meos, some with dry lining, 10 pop in boosters. If you want to CAT me with an offer.

alibubbles Thu 11-Aug-05 06:24:56

Message withdrawn

throckenholt Thu 11-Aug-05 07:45:29

I have used bright bots - they have a bit of padding and a bit of waterproofing - not enough to contain a big wee but more effective than normal pants. Much cheaper than any other training pants.

However, I am still in two minds as to whether it is actually worth using training pants or just go straight to ordinary pants - you have to do loads of washing anyway when potty training - the trainer pants really don't seem to make much difference.

Actually having just said that - if you are interested in bright bots I have some medium size ones that I am thinking of selling.

bensmum3 Thu 11-Aug-05 11:17:20

alibubbles, that sounds good, I will have a look for them, will probably be back this evening.

bensmum3 Fri 12-Aug-05 22:56:42

throckenhalt, thankyou, but I think ds will need the large or xl size.Alibubbles, I have emailed, and Tumblemum ?

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