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when are they really ready their own time ?

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charlie95 Mon 08-Aug-05 22:12:08

i was told by friend that when kids are ready, you'll know and they will be so ready all of a sudden that training will take no time at all.
so what signs should we look for that shows the kid really is ready for training ?
bearing in mid my ds has some SN/learning difficulties age 4. been going on potty for some time at set times of day. now trying to ask him in between these times if he needs to go and then he goes on it. usually produces something. but this week seems to want to pull his shorts down saying something along the lines nappy/nappy off. wondered if this is his way of realising he may be ready.

advice appreicated.

jenkins88 Tue 09-Aug-05 00:37:20

Hi Charlie

I've just been through this with my DS (who has developmental delay) and it was very confusing to know whether he was ready or not.

DS didn't show any signs of readiness, but like your DS was willing to use the potty if I asked him to.

Tugging at his shorts and talking about his nappy definetly sounds like he's getting the idea. Does he always wear a nappy in between visits to the potty? If so maybe try leaving him without a nappy on for a while. My DS has problems with communication and fine motor skills (amongst others) so we had to have him naked from the waist down and have the potty in the room with us for the first few weeks.

Good luck!

charlie95 Fri 12-Aug-05 20:59:16

just a little update - put ds in pants y'day and tried training again. so far so good. he's doing really well. just put him in pants, tshirt and shoes take potty into whatever room we're in. he occasionally has said need/want a weewee but we're also always asking him 'do you need to.... ' or 'are you ok' 'are oyu still nice and dry' 'dont forget to say/ask when you need potty' etc. do feel bit of nag though. y'day afternoon seemd to have more little accidents then finished off on potty. today again in afternoon only changed him about 3/4 times over short time. he seems to have more control over himself now.
we tried wk before xmas and basically weed anywhere/everywhere without warning. didnt really ask/say then. now least hes got more freedom in pants and darker coloured ones we can see if he's accidentally starting to wee then enocurage him to use potty just in time. hopefully he'll start saying/asking bit more as time goes on. but i think we're gradually cracking it.

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