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Swim nappies - how should I be doing this?

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EssieAmma Tue 18-May-10 22:19:51

We go to waterbabies, and went last year too. Waterbabies say he should be wearing a disposable swim nappy plus a 'happy nappy'. And then his swimming costume (all in one thing) over that.

Now, the sizing is tricky to work out on the waterbabies website, so I went to Tesco and got, for £3, an all-in-one swimming trunk and built in nappy combo. Will this do, and do I also need disposables underneath? The built in swim nappy looks like rubber knickers (or whatever they're called these days) basically. Don't seem to have anything absorbent in them. But I'm trying to avoid disposables because I'm a cheapskate worthy. grin

Is there any etiquette here?

tvfriend Tue 18-May-10 22:22:44

Always put mine in disposables plus normal trunks/swimming costume on top- as does everyone else at the pool.

EssieAmma Tue 18-May-10 22:25:41

Hm, see, I don't want to be the woman who causes poo to appear in the baby pool... (his not mine, I have pretty good bowel control grin)

Rindercella Tue 18-May-10 22:29:02

We go to Waterbabies too, and they have always had the 'double nappy' rule. So, disposable swim nappy first and then the so called 'Happy Nappy' on top. I don't think they would accept what you are describing without the disposable tbh. Apparently if there is spillage into a pool, the pool needs to be closed for 18+ hours to clean it, which is obviously what they are trying to avoid.

The supermarkets usually have the Huggies disposables on offer and they do seem to last for ages - a term is basically 10 lessons, so you just need one pack of the disposables per term.

Chunkamatic Tue 18-May-10 22:32:42

When my Ds was younger he had one of these is that what you mean? You can use disposable liners with them if you wish but I never bothered. They were tight enough to his legs that a poo would not have escaped - although he never actually tested the theory (phew!).

I think what you describe is actually quite alot of clothing... are you sure they dont jsut mean either/or?

nigglewiggle Tue 18-May-10 22:38:58

Where I take my children swimming the babies all just wear disposable swim nappies. How coincidental that this additional item is something that Waterbabies sell hmm.

Rindercella Tue 18-May-10 22:40:19

This is from Waterbabies website: double nappy system

DD1 also wears a wetsuit on top of her 2 nappies as she gets cold quite easily. It's all quite slim fitting stuff, so not really a problem.

BexJ78 Tue 18-May-10 22:41:57

My friend takes her DS to waterbabies and it is the same rule. Disposable napy underneath and then essentially trunks, or costume with built in nappy over the top of the disposable.

EssieAmma Wed 19-May-10 13:06:56

Indeed, Nigglewiggle. smile
I'm not seriously stingy or poor, but did wonder...
Anyhow, I'll follow the rules but will probably buy the happy nappy from somewhere other than waterbabies e.g. Chunkamatic's link where it is over £1 cheaper than waterbabies...

BertaWysocki Wed 19-May-10 13:51:00

Essie - When we did waterbabies it was disposable plus a happy nappy and only a happy nappy would do.
One week a mum turned up with another brand, though virtually the same, and wasn't allowed in the pool!

We bought the various sizes of happy nappy from ebay, the babies are in them for such a short time before they grow out of them and they are usually only used once a week for swim lesons that they were in 'as new'condition but for half the price. Maybe see if there are any available?

EssieAmma Wed 19-May-10 14:44:30

Ooh, they've got different ones on e-bay! Ones with fishes on!
Thanks all - and berta I did wonder whether I'd get some reaction to putting him in something different.

BertaWysocki Wed 19-May-10 21:36:15

Essie - We've got the fishes one smile

lilyrose123 Sun 19-Sep-10 11:31:45

i loved waterbabies so much, i became a teacher, and still swim my daughter with them who is now 2 and in toddler 4 class

even when the children are fully potty trained they still have to wear the double nappy system,
the reason for this is so that any accidents do not go into the pool
with upto 10 babies a class, and several classes at a time waterbabies have to take measures to ensure the pool doesnt get closed

the happy nappy has snug fitting leg and waistband to keep any accidents in!
i personally think all swimming pools should have a double nappy rule anyway, save the speread of any viruses or pool closures

the happy nappy although sold by waterbabies are not made by waterbabies
they are made by a company called splash about, and can be bought from many different places including ebay
splashabout also make the wetsuits which keep the core of the body warm in normal temperature pools, so good for under 2 years old

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