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Tots Bots v Minki

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socks3 Thu 04-Aug-05 13:20:24

I need one for a 4 year old boy for night time use only. Very nearly dry and doesn't generally poo at night. Looked at a Minki on a site and looks complicated? Any ideas anyone please? TIA

MrsDoolittle Thu 04-Aug-05 13:23:53

Minki aren't complicated. I have both but I'm not sure I would use a minki at night. What one are you thinking of? How about a huggle?
Is he a heavy wetter?

socks3 Thu 04-Aug-05 20:09:37

He has been a heavy wetter but now that he is 4 years 5 months he is nearly dry. The other night he did soak the bed before 11pm but I think he was in a pull up type thing that may not have been on right. Currently in the largest Pampers but only because I've not been able to find a washable big enough since he grew out of the Sandy's. Just want a washable again!!!!

MrsDoolittle Fri 05-Aug-05 12:22:26

I'm dying to try one of these

Chuffed Fri 05-Aug-05 12:28:03

MrsD your link just goes through to the main minky page.

MrsDoolittle Fri 05-Aug-05 12:32:05

Sorry I was trying to post a picture of a huggle. Check them out their gorgeous!! I'm going to buy a couple for number 2 and use with a stacinator wrap!!

Chuffed Fri 05-Aug-05 12:38:55

Ooh they do look nice. Ho hum I think I have enough for now.

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