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Waking at night since stopping!

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futurity Thu 04-Aug-05 10:13:34

DS is 3 1/2 and was potty trained quickly and successfuly last summer for daytime. I noticed recently that he was dry in the morning so encouraged him to wait and go to the toilet when he got up. He has been doing that a while so we decided to stop the nappy 3 nights ago. For those three nights he has woken up in the night screaming..first two nights just once but last night was the worse..up every half an hour from 4am when he complained of nightmares but also needing the toilet (although not sure if we said to him first do you need the loo which put that thought in his head as he went to the toilet and didn't do anything).

Anyway..DH says put him back in nappies as we both are assuming that he is anxious about not having one on hence the waking up but I don't know if whether this step backwards would help (he is always going on about being a "big boy" and not needing a nappy on anymore). Just wondered if anyone else had experience of this or any ideas?

futurity Thu 04-Aug-05 18:15:37


KiwiKate Fri 05-Aug-05 11:44:00

Sorry, no experience. But I'd just put him back in night nappies and see if he stops waking at night. If he does then maybe wait a couple of months before stopping them again?

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