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Are Minki nappies any good?

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socks3 Wed 03-Aug-05 14:36:57

Using MEOS for 7 week old baby and Sandy's for 2 year old daughter at night but need something for my almost dry 4 year old son. Someone has suggested them and Tots Bots. Haven't used pocket/stuffables before so loathe to make a mistake. TIA.

starlover Wed 03-Aug-05 14:38:21

i use them and like them...

Demented Wed 03-Aug-05 14:42:27

Minkis would be great as a night nappy. I had them for my DS2 and the only reason I sold them was I found the poo containment wasn't that great the older he got, however they would be fantastic for a child who only wets at night, the fleece keeps them really dry and they are very cute.

vkone Wed 03-Aug-05 18:11:53

I picked up a 2nd hand minki in large (not slinki minki) and it's huge! I swear you could get a towel in there, so it's got to be worth a try. Why not check out some buy and sell sites and get one 2nd hand (they could be an expensive mistake new!) or try ebay.


Pollyanna Wed 03-Aug-05 18:32:15

I use them for night and they are really good at that. I think they are too big for day time. My 2.5 yo refuses to wear them though as she says they are too big. (she likes Fuzzis!).

Yorkiegirl Wed 03-Aug-05 18:50:58

Message withdrawn

Feffi Wed 03-Aug-05 21:02:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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