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Potty Training Questions

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twirly00 Wed 03-Aug-05 14:31:49


I hope someone can help. My dd is 33 months and this week I decided to try to PT her.

She has weed in the potty no problem and gets stickers and lots of praise as rewards.

She has only had one accident on the first day and that was during dinner when we were both distracted. This is day 3 and I am aware of the fact that it is always me telling her to sit on the potty and wee wee, and never her asking to go of her own accord. Sometime when I sit her on it she does it quickly and other times she'll happily sit and read a book for 10-20 minutes before she does anything, and then obviously sometimes she does nothing. She is going 2-3 hourly so she obviously has good bladder control, but am I doing it wrong by always asking her to go? I'm just concerned that if I don't keep reminding her then she'll have an accident.

How long should it take for her to tell me she needs? Please help!

yingers74 Tue 09-Aug-05 13:43:48

it all depends on the child, try asking her to tell you when she needs to go and see what happens over one day. If there are lots of accidents then the next day go back to asking her for another few days. She will get the hang of it soon enough. Good luck!

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