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Night time training

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Catbert Sun 31-Jul-05 21:02:03

Right. So daytime trained, and realised DD1 (just 3) had dry pullups every morning for weeks. So we bit the bullet and took her out of them at night.

However, it seems that almost every night now, I get a little visit from a seemingly not that bothered little girl saying "my sheets are soggy mummy, can I have my blanket now?"

If we lift her around midnight, we get a dry night, but after a week or so of doing this, we wondered whether we were indeed achieving anything positive. The moment we didn't she would wet in the middle of the night again.

I am calm. I am not getting stressed, but if I am honest, there's a little thing that's starting to concern me a bit and that's Enuresis. I suffered for years, my father the same, and also my DHs older brother and it's hereditary. When would you start suspecting your child has the same issue? Can you "nip it in the bud"?

I would just as easily stick her back in a pullup, but now she won't wear one and gets all upset if I suggest it.

Sigh. I saw on another thread someone suggested a little bribery. Perhaps I'll try this, but I really think that she's only waking up after the deed is done, and that always seemed to be my problem as a child - never getting the signals that woke me in time.

Any advice offered out there?

shrub Sun 31-Jul-05 21:31:39

have you tried without pj bottoms to see if that helps her 'feel' the need to go quicker? this worked for our ds1 together with a night light and potty by the bed with lots of reminders where the potty is before they go to sleep

Catbert Sun 31-Jul-05 22:17:46

Thanks Shrub - We will give that a go...

I guess all the people I know seem to have had a couple of "accidents" before their kids got the idea.

It's also weird that in pullups she was dry, and only when they came off that the change happened.

shrub Sun 31-Jul-05 22:30:52

the way i think about it from my ds1's point of view is that i trained him to use his nappy for the first 2 and a half years and then suddenly they have to learn all over again and the old way becomes wrong which must be very hard to comprehend in a toddler. as soon as there was elastic around his waist from the pj's he would think in his sleepy state that he still had a nappy on. sounds like your dd1 has the opposite - feeling more secure with pull ups on? have you tried the doll that can use a potty (aoubt £6 at woolworths)-maybe use that at night as a demonstration to reinforce the new nightime routine? there was another thread about a boy not bothered being wet this week and someone posted advice saying let him be wet all day to shock him into taking responsibility. not good at linking but it was 2 or 3 days ago.. will try and find it if interested.

Catbert Sun 31-Jul-05 22:43:14

And on a practical note... I adhered to all the fine MNs advice on multiple waterproof layers for a speedy night change, but invariably the duvet gets wet too! Is there any such thing as a waterproof duvet cover or any duvet protection tips out there?

I'll check out the other thread... thanks! Night night for now!

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