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are wipes really that bad?

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missytequila Mon 12-Apr-10 17:12:12

I am a new mom...Midwifes keep telling me to use just cotton wool and water. At night or on the go, the fragrance free, sensitive johnson's wipes just seem so much easier especially for a big poo.

Are they really that bad for the skin? I am confused, I thought everyone used baby wipes....

DramaInPyjamas Mon 12-Apr-10 17:15:02

I used cotton wool for the first day or two. Too much hassle. I found wipes much easier.

octothechildherder Mon 12-Apr-10 17:52:48

I use washable wipes which you then wash - I like Cheeky Wipes and Bundled wipes also think Jackson Reece Baby wipes - disposable ones - are really nice and much better for skin and biodegradable/organic.

APassionateWoman Mon 12-Apr-10 17:57:19

I used cotton wool and warm water for the first few weeks and then switched to fragrance free wipes - handier when out and about. Never found them a problem.

catinthehat2 Mon 12-Apr-10 18:25:04

I highly recommend that the next time you get a sore patch of skin anywhere on your body that you use your chosen babywipe to clean it.

If it doesn't hurt, then use them on your baby without hesitation.

If it hurts like buggery, then don't.

Disclaimer: there are other reasons not to use babywipes. That is my personal line in the sand however.

octothechildherder Mon 12-Apr-10 18:53:29

I agree lol - if you would happily wipe your face with one then they are fine. Same goes for shampoo, bodywash and bubble bath - would def recommend SLS and paraben free products - so much kinder on skin for adults and children.

APassionateWoman Mon 12-Apr-10 19:48:46

I have heard this line before@catinthehat2

I take my eye make up off with fragrance free baby wipes. I also use them to clean minor cuts and scratches. They are really incredibly mild.

I do keep perfumed products, toiletries etc to a minimum for me and my children (no bubble bath, only use shampoo once a week otherwise just water, never use soap etc) but baby wipes are so handy.

I draw the line at 'knitting my own' on this issue, sorry.

coldtits Mon 12-Apr-10 19:50:17

Pampers sensitive are ace.

I too used to take my eye makeup off with them.

coldtits Mon 12-Apr-10 19:52:07

if skin appears perfect, where is the proof that organic biodegradable washable wipes are ANY better for the skin than Pampers?

yes, Pampers have 'chemicals' in. So does water. Everything is a chemical of some sort, it doesn't follow that something is harmful just because it has a long name.

SuziKettles Mon 12-Apr-10 20:01:17

Sharon Trotter is a midwife who's written a lot in peer-reviewed publications about skin care in the first weeks of life.

She reckons it's best to use just water for the first four weeks and introduce skin care products after that.

The link above is to one of her articles which gives the reasoning behind it.

peachybums Mon 12-Apr-10 20:02:22

Hmm this is a bit of a sore point with me, i hate baby wipes, not cos they have chemicals in but beacuse of the type of chemicals they have in. These chemicals (one in particular) have been tested and found to cause skin irritations and even cancer maybe not to start with but later in life. Funny people should mention pampers because ive read they actually have a higher concentrate of this chemical than most other wipes, just like their nappies have more of the gel in that heats up when comes into contact with urine and therefore is believed to lead to an increase in male infertility. Hmm nice!

Greenshadow Mon 12-Apr-10 20:07:33

Vote for Cotton wool and water here - at least just for wet nappies. Tried to avoid wipes, but must admit they are far better for pooey bottoms or for when you are out.

AuntieMaggie Mon 12-Apr-10 20:08:57

The fact that they can completely dissolve just about any stain definitely puts me off using them on baby!

mrsgboring Mon 12-Apr-10 20:09:08

My DS1 was fine with wipes (started using them after about 5 weeks) until he developed a persistent nappy rash round 4 months of age. It didn't go away till I had gone back to cotton wool and water (and I also had to switch to Pampers/Huggies instead of washables and eco disposables - both were needed to solve the problem). Another woman in my postnatal group had the same issues with wipes, in pretty much the same way, so something to watch for if you go over to wipes.

It can be a bit of a pain. I use wipes when out and about and for also for really awful cleanups but if there's opportunity, I try to wash the skin over with water afterwards.

sarah293 Mon 12-Apr-10 20:10:44

Message withdrawn

DorotheaPlenticlew Mon 12-Apr-10 20:13:49

We go for cotton wool & water in the first couple of months but Pampers Sensitive thereafter.

Never use J&J wipes as they are really harsh and unpleasant -- bought once, never again. Have heard bad things about J&J in general actually so I don't use anything of theirs. We stick with paraben-free kids' toiletries anyway, though they can be a bit on the ££ side -- just try & make 'em last.

DorotheaPlenticlew Mon 12-Apr-10 20:16:16

Peachybums, is that all the Pampers range or just the "normal" wipes? Do you have any details? Sounds worrying but I have found the Sensitive ones so mild, and DS has never minded them at all (unlike J&J and others) that I would be sorry to hear they are actually worse than other options.

coldtits Mon 12-Apr-10 20:19:46

So do we have any documented skin cancer that was definitely caused by babywipes?

MamaVoo Mon 12-Apr-10 20:20:19

I couldn't get on with cotton wool and water at all and switched to wipes (normally Tesco fragrance free) after a day or two. DS has never had nappy rash.

abbierhodes Mon 12-Apr-10 20:23:11

I'm going to go against the grain here and say that I found wipes much better on both babies' skin than cotton wool and water. Both ended up with nappy rash if I used anything other than wipes for a few days.

I used Johnsons, or Tesco/Boots own. Hated both Pampers and Huggies.

catinthehat2 Mon 12-Apr-10 20:24:49


Sadly it's not a "line"!

I mistakenly used a babywipe on a sore patch of my own, and having hit the roof, decided I wouldn't inflict it on my child. It stung and hence would obviously have stung any skin with the mildest nappy rash, if it stung my horny hide.

As I said, if it stings don't use it, if it doesn't, then go ahead.

Sorry not to be controversial, but there you go.

fifitot Mon 12-Apr-10 20:29:29

Huggies pure are supposed to be close to water and cotton wool........not sure about that but they are mild and don't hurt my sensitive skin.

Used cotton wool and water as recc when DD born but she got nappy rash. Switched to wipes and it went away!

BexJ78 Mon 12-Apr-10 20:30:39

We only use wipes when out and about, or for a particularly messy poo as DD (4 months) gets a sore bum. That is based on using Johnsons wipes though, so might try some of the others and see how we fare. Both DH and I have quite sensitive skin, so more likely than not, she'll be similarly inflicted!

M44 Mon 12-Apr-10 20:34:10

I don't think we are talking just skin cancers here. Ovarian and testicular tumours have all kinds of things found in them....chemicals from toietries and talc....which is why talc is not recommended for babies anymore....

sunshiney Mon 12-Apr-10 20:40:13

i think wipes are okay, as long as you use them gently and dry the area with a tissue afterwards.

putting cream over a damp bottom contributes to nappy rash.

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