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Straight to toilet

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crouchingtigeress Mon 25-Jul-05 23:00:31

I think i might train ds on toilet,and skip the potty. Has any one else tried this?
Also do little boys sit on the toilet? If so at what age do they start standing up?

QueenOfQuotes Mon 25-Jul-05 23:02:51

We started DS1 off straight at the toilet - standing up - he was just under 3 at the time.

If you want to start them standing up and they can't 'reach' - you can buy little stools for them to stand on

BadHair Tue 26-Jul-05 00:29:48

I'm finding a potty useful as we don't have a downstairs toilet, so by keeping it in the living room I don't have to run upstairs every time ds2 thinks he might need a wee. If I did that I suspect he wouldn't make it in time.
Ds1 had a potty when he was 3 then moved on to the toilet after a couple of months. He sat down on a trainer seat at first then stood up after a few weeks as he copied dp.
Ds2 is 2.9 and prefers the potty but will use the toilet with some coaxing.
Actually I have to confess that I'm very proud of ds2 as he woke up half an hour ago and asked to go for a wee. He normally just leaks in his sleep.

crouchingtigeress Thu 28-Jul-05 03:43:16

Thanks for the advice.Waking up for a wee at 2 is very impressive.

I didnt realise they stnd so soon - I can envisage lots of spills. They dont stand over their potty though? or do they.

bobbybob Thu 28-Jul-05 03:52:50

Dh and my dad both sit down to use the toilet - so I think it will be a while before I have to deal with this, as ds will copy off them. Having seen the messes my friends ds makes of the front of his trousers, I'm quite pleased.

Carla Thu 28-Jul-05 06:40:46

dds went from nappies to loo - partly, I think because they'd seen me using the loo, partly because everytime they used the potty our Springer spaniel would come sniffing round their bottoms like a mad dog searching for drugs () and partly because I thought it would just be one more transition to add to the equation.

After a few weeks of holding them on the loo (they didn't like those inserts you can use to make the aperture smaller) they managed to balance themselves procariously enough to be confident enough to go themselves. Good luck!!!

Am fascinated, by the way, bb, as to why your dh and dd sit down to wee (inserts voyeristic emoticon)

bobbybob Thu 28-Jul-05 08:12:34

I haven't asked them. With my dad I think it's a prostate thing, and I think for dh it's his only chance to sit down.

Kayleigh Thu 28-Jul-05 12:23:11

My ds1 and ds2 both went straight to using the toilet. Ds1 started by sitting to wee and only stood from age of 4 when he went to school and they have little urinals there so I made sure he knew how to use them.
Ds2 has weed standing up from day one because he has to do everything his big brother does

I spend a lot of time wiping floors and walls

TracyK Thu 28-Jul-05 12:25:57

why don't men sit down when they pee - seems a lot easier to me! unless they like to look at their willie all the time.

Kayleigh Thu 28-Jul-05 14:03:37

ahhh TracyK, think you just might have something there. It's probably a cross netween being able to look at it and hold it at the same time

PrettyCandles Thu 28-Jul-05 14:12:36

Make sure to teach him to point his penis down with his finger when he sits on the loo. Do this from the very first time you sit him on the loo, before he discovers that he can hit the wall oppposite from his position!

My ds sometimes sits and sometimes stands. Dd apparently takes her nappy down and tries very hard immitate dh and ds when they all go to the loo together and the men use the urinals !

Sugarmag Fri 29-Jul-05 07:40:20

Have you seen these double toilet seats? They're not just inserts, it's a proper toilet seat with two rings - one big one for the grown ups and a small one for the children. It actually replaces your existing toilet seat (you can get them from GLTC or Mothercare). We have them upstairs and downstairs. DS has started using them and won't even look at the potty. And he already knows "willy point down"!

I don't know about the standing up thing though (he's only 25 months and not actually out of nappies yet) but I'm beginning to understand why my mother was horrified when we put carpet in our downstairs loo.

bobbybob Fri 29-Jul-05 20:14:18

I love those double toilet seats and have asked my mum to bring one in her suitcase!

crouchingtigeress Sat 30-Jul-05 00:51:37

Thanks for your comments ladies. I am a bit daunted by both potty and toilet to tell you the truth. At 25 months i dont feel he's ready yet, as he still does a poo without telling me in his nappy.

As yet he doesn't imitate dh in the toilet, but as soon as he does that will probably be another sign of his readiness.

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