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Potty training going backwards since new baby arrived... any tips?

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halcat Sun 24-Jul-05 21:59:04

I had pretty much potty trained my daughter by a month before my son was born, but since his arrival 4 weeks ago she has regressed hugely and has about 3 accidents a day. She does wee very often, maybe 10 times a day, so she's still getting it right most of the time but at other times just seems to forget everything about it. If I ask her why she didn't use the potty she says she forgot but I wonder if it's an attention thing or just that she's a bit muddled by having a brother (she isn't displaying any jealousy at all but maybe this is her way of dealing with it?)

Has anyone else had this and if so can you help? Only my washing machine will explode if I don't crack it!

lisa34 Mon 01-Aug-05 09:42:37

Don't worry I had this when my 2nd Ds arrived - I think it is their way of saying "hey I'm still here" she isn't doing it on purpose just wanting you to acknowledge that she is a big girl and very clever - it took about 2 months for my ds to go back to not wetting himself - hang in there it will get better I promise

KiwiKate Mon 01-Aug-05 13:24:46

She could be distracted by the new baby. But regressive behaviour is also common. Keep praising her and telling her what a big girl she is when she gets it right, and don't make a big deal of the accidents (oh dear, try again next time). It will pass soon. Also one month is not a long time to be potty trained. Many still have accidents at that stage. You could encourage her to use the big toilet (a signal to her that she is really a big girl)

Good luck with the potty, and especially with the baby.

halcat Thu 04-Aug-05 19:30:40

Thanks very much to you both. Since I posted we have had a couple of days with no accidents at all so things are getting better... think I just need to realise that it won;t fix overnight - and like you say,that actually after a month accidents aren't unusual anyway.

Funnily enough the new baby is the eay bit! It's having 2 at once that I'm finding trickiest.


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