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How many nappies for newborn?

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fionaplum Sat 16-Jul-05 13:53:33

Hi, just wanted to know how many cloth nappies are needed for a newborn? I plan on washing them every three days. I have 10 muslins, 10 terries, 2 small lovebums and 3 small modern baby nappies so far. I also have some MEO's and tots bots size 2 nippas, but was thinking they might initially be a bit on the big side, even though described as birth to potty.

Do you think I need any more nappies, or is this okay for a newborn? Thanks for any help

SenoraPostrophe Sat 16-Jul-05 14:07:25

why every 3 days? I used to wash every other day or so, with all the baby clothes.

The size 2 tots are a bit big for the first few weeks, but are OK after that.

fireflyfairy2 Sat 16-Jul-05 14:38:13

go to and you'll be able to collect more information than you'll ever need to know! I use Motherease and fuzzi's and Naturebabys... i found this site to be fantastic when i was looking for information re: sizing and washing etc.

Just to say, same as SP i wash mine every other day too! I always give them a rinse and wash the wee out of them first and then ass bibs or towels or stuff with them..not a big load, just enought to make it economical to switch the wash machine on

fionaplum Sat 16-Jul-05 15:27:25

I thought every 3 days so I can get a full load of nappies, plus just so I find it a bit easier to deal with. Our machine has a larger than average drum (7kg) so I'd like to make sure it is full so as to save on energy, cos unfortunately it doesn't do half loads. As I use fabric conditioner and bio powders in my normal wash I'd like to do the nappies seperately.

I'm registering with the washabums site at the mo, thanks for the link .

How many changes per day do you think the average newborn needs? I'm umming and arring about whether I need any more small shaped nappies, cos it sounds like a very hectic nappy changing time, so possibly need more nappies for a newborn than any other time?

I thought as much about the tots bots. Are motherease the same, a bit too big from birth?

I know fuzzi's have a good rep. Don't know much about naturebaby's, are they good ones to try?

stripey Sat 16-Jul-05 15:38:36

Don't know about cloth nappies but my newborns used about 12 nappies a day easily especially with the poo they do initially. Ds1 pooed constantly for about 2 months so had to be changed at least every 2 hours. Ds2 not as often so may not have needed as many.

fionaplum Sat 16-Jul-05 15:44:53

Thanks Stripey, that means I am low on small nappies then, if I want to wash every three days. Maybe I'm just being unrealistic. what to do, what to do hhhmmm...

fireflyfairy2 Sat 16-Jul-05 15:46:03

Well, i can only tell you what i did...and there will be others who did it differently

I used the pampers newborn for the first 5 weeks. (Due to the meconium of a new born baby being very sticky and runny (yuk!) )
Then when DS was 5/6 weeks old a friend of mine who is a nappy rep (you'll meet her on washabums) showed me a neat way of folding the MEO's to make them fit! And if you're good im sure i can show you too! LOL
Nature baby's are pocket nappies, so are my fuzzi's (and the fuzzi's were bought 2nd hand and in great condition!)

fionaplum Sat 16-Jul-05 16:25:00

hehe, show me, show me :D I want to be in on the secret ;D

I wanted to try cloth from birth, so bought the muslins and terries to save my birth to potty shaped nappies getting stained with the yucky meconium, thinking I won't be too precious about them and also because the muslins and terries might fit better, but looking at all the lovely little nappies out there, I couldn't help myself and bought a few small lovebums that were just irresistable, the modern baby's were a council incentive, a fiver for three with two wraps and liners (bargain but not so impressed with these, after one prewash looked as though they'd been passed down a few children already ) and now I'm looking at some gorgeous strawberry shortcake happy heiny's. hhmmmm I'm obsessed already. I know for sure I have enough nappies for when baby is older, maybe I'm just trying to convince myself that I NEED more small nappies just so I can make another purchase, or maybe I am thinking practically, not sure these days, can't really trust myself now, pregnancy messes with my head a bit sometimes lol

fireflyfairy2 Sat 16-Jul-05 21:52:08

When is your baby due Fiona?
Well, i must admit the MEO's were rather large..even at 5/6 weeks... I was a complete newbie to cloth too and wanted a nappy system that was popular, so i did a nappy lady questionnaire and this is what she suggested for me. have u tried one of those yet?

Although it seems to me you have plenty

fionaplum Sat 16-Jul-05 22:58:38

Baby is due in six weeks time gosh time flies.

I have some MEO's. I did the nappy lady questionnaire too and she seemed to think MEO's or tots bots pastels were the way to go, so I bought a whole birth to potty pack of MEO's on Ebay, thinking this was best.....I wish I hadn't bought so many of them now, as I didn't know I was going to want to try out all the other types too She recommended muslins or terries in the early stages for a slimmer more comfortable fit. So I guess you are right, if they are okayish from early on then I have more than enough nappies . On the nappy lady site it says MEO's work from 6lbs onwards. I don't quite believe that somehow, especially if large on your little one at 5/6 weeks. Do you remember what kind of weight baby was about then?

Oohhh and how bad is this meconium really? Will it stain nappies as badly as I fear it might?

stripey Sun 17-Jul-05 11:56:01

The meconium really is discusting a bit like black tar. I think you may want to buy just one small pack of newborn disposables in case you are in hospital longer than expected and cannot wash the nappies.

poppy101 Sun 17-Jul-05 13:02:04

We were all for using washable nappies from the start, but decided to use disp. nappies until for the first 2 weeks. Also gave us time to adjust to having a new born baby.

I have used terries with nippas and boosters, but now baby more active use only tots.

In the future I would still use disp. for the first 2 weeks for babies, but I would probably by bio. nappies. However, said that I used disp. because I had money off vouchers etc. to begin with.

poppy101 Sun 17-Jul-05 13:07:55

I was also going to wash every 3 days, but after 2 days, the smell just hits me and eventhough I use 2 nappy buckets, liners, and teatree oil in the bucket, I can't face the smell of the nappies after 2 days, especially in the hot weather. I wash every 2 days, no longer than 2.

fireflyfairy2 Mon 18-Jul-05 21:07:21

Fiona, my baby was 7lb 10oz at birth, so he was probably around the 8.5/9lb mark when he was 6wks?? And the MEOs' were HUGE on him (until showed how to fold correctly )

NannyL Wed 20-Jul-05 18:46:34

can u describe the MEOS new born fold?
im intrigued!!!

fireflyfairy2 Tue 26-Jul-05 22:17:02

Right... put your MEO down flat... on the wrong side..the label will face on the outside.. (right now i gotta run and get one to figure it out )
right: Fold the back of it down (towards the outside). Now fold the front of it down so they're the same size.. should be able to see the poppers.. they should reach over, bring the edge in your right hand over as far as it can go on the poppers... now overlap the left hand one and popper it on.. the middle one should fit on top of one of the right hand ones. You may have 1 popper on the front that doesnt have a partner.. but that will never be seen once the wrap is on
I hope this is described okay....

roosmum Tue 26-Jul-05 22:39:36

fiona plum, are you good at the folding for terries/muslins?? if so then think these are great for when they're tiny, so you can adjust to exactly whatever size you want. the 40cm square terries are great on tinies, & make godd stuffing for nature babies or fuzzis when babe is a bit older (or can just pad fold inside a wrap designed for prefolds). if you've got 20ish, maybe a few more would be good, i def wd rather have too many nappies than not quite enough!
i used prefolds & wraps from go for my ds, well from 5 days, meconium is hideous imo & washing it off ds's bum was hard enough, never mind off cloth nappies! if you're a die-hard clothie, maybe paper liners would be handy for dealing with mec. prefolds as you prob. know are not ideal with bf liquid poo, tho they work well now ds is 6 mths & poo a bit more solid (v. rarely leak these days). love stuffables tho too.

Laura032004 Wed 27-Jul-05 05:33:48

Hia Fionaplum. I only had about 15 nappies at the start, but washed them daily (with other bits, there was more than enough to make up a load - towels, terry squares that I used under ds when changing, which got either poo or wee on them every time, vests / babygrows which had poo or wee on them......!).

I had about 20 terry squares as a backup, but didn't often need them. Buy lots though, as they are fab for everything - dribble cloths, changing mat liners, towels, flannels and even occasionally as nappies (great if they've got nappy rash and you want to change hourly).

My washing machine is large capacity, and doesn't have a half load, but it is one that weighs the washing and adjusts water / cycle length accordingly. Does yours do this? Mine's a Zanussi.

Is this your first baby? The Tots might seem big at first, but you get used to it. DS was in them from about 15lb. We had size 1's at the beginning. Try buying a few 2nd hand size 1's though - you can probably resell for the same price. MEOS might be a bit better, but we didn't have any of those at the start, so I can't think what they'd be like.

A tip if you want to use your lovely nappies with newborn poo, is to make some liners for them. I've got some cut up flannalette (sp?) sheets which line the entire nappy. It stops any bad staining of the nappy, and they're a lot easier to rinse than terry. We still use them now. Mine are the length of the nappy and three times the width as I fold them to get a thicker pad. You could do the same with muslins, but I find these softer.

HTH, sorry for the ramble.

vkone Wed 27-Jul-05 08:02:44

One thing I've noticed on ebay is mothercare shaped nappies, these are the same shape as MEOS but smaller and last to 6 mths (they nippa), as they go for very little, it might be worth getting some as a standby for those days when you get fedup with folding!

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