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Pooing/weeing whilst being changed, any advice?

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KVG Sat 16-Jul-05 12:10:11

Message withdrawn

Catbert Sat 16-Jul-05 12:14:25

Nope. Just gotta go with it. It reminds me of the time at 11pm when I was doing the final change before bedtime, inbetween boobs (as it were) that DD2 pooed FIVE times. Each time after I had put the new nappy on. I just had to laugh really.

It's part of the "joy" (!!) of newborn babies - it will soon settle down, don't you worry.

kama Sat 16-Jul-05 12:17:04

Message withdrawn

Catbert Sat 16-Jul-05 12:17:28

Oh - I would just add a couple of things, because I don't think I was being helpful.

Take that babygro as far back as possible, and stick a muslin / terry square under her bottom before you take off the nappy and whilst you are cleaning up. At least this way, you can just catch the wee/poo to hopefully avoid the change of clothes.

Unless she is pooey - don't bother changing in the middle of the night. Those nappies hold a huge amount of wee - and when they are sleeping through, you wouldn't change in the night anyway, unless you had to. It won't do her any harm.


KiwiKate Sun 17-Jul-05 09:16:46

Even though we use disposables, I always changed ds1 on a cloth nappy, and then loosely wrapped it around his nether regions to catch any "mid change" toilet activity. I'd leave him loosely wrapped for a minute or so to get on with whatever he needed to do. If he did something I'd do a second (or even more) loose wrap till he'd got it all out. Saved a fortune on disposables. Also meant that anything coming out did not get on his clothes, but rather on the cloth nappy, so a change of clothes was not necessary. Made changing take a bit longer, but mostly meant that once we got the disposable on, we didn't have to worry about a change in a few minutes time.

He grew out of it in a few weeks though.

The upside is that you know that your baby's system is working well!

KVG Wed 20-Jul-05 13:47:14

Message withdrawn

mandymac Wed 20-Jul-05 14:22:37


We have the same thing - dd often goes for the hat trick and manages to posset, poo and wee mid change . We use 2 sheets of kitchen roll under her bottom, which seems to catch the poo before it sinks into the towel we have over the mat - of course is of no use for wee, but having a roll of kitchen roll to hand means soaking up the wee is quicker.

Hope this helps.

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