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Nappy Reviews - What do you think?

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maisiemog Fri 15-Jul-05 22:25:39

I have been playing on a free blog website and have made a nappy review site.
have a quick look
I thought it might be good to have somewhere where we cloth obsessives can express an opinion about the various makes and types of nappy.
Please have a look and feel free to write something about the nappies you use.
Let me know what you think??

There is no particular order for the nappies listed, I just typed until I couldn't think of anymore. But remind me of what I have forgotten, and give it a review in the 'other nappies' post.
It's just for fun, so don't get me arrested.

chipmonkey Fri 15-Jul-05 23:02:21

Maisie, what a great idea! Will go do my reviews now!

fionaplum Sat 16-Jul-05 13:56:08

Great site! Can't wait to see what everyone says about the nappies. I have a few nappies, at the mo, but no baby yet, so can't comment on them as yet......will see if I have made good/bad choices though eek.

poopigeating Sat 16-Jul-05 15:43:25

Thanks guys, it's nice to see comments next to the nappies.
Fiona, your baby can be a guinea pig for your nappy experiments. Muwahahahaha (mad laughter)
I hope you post your comments when you've tried out your nappy stash.

fionaplum Sat 16-Jul-05 17:13:26

hehe baby is definitely in for some experimentation with all these gorgeous nappies about. I already have 8 different types :O, mostly birth to potty shaped, some you fold, and some small and medium sized ones. Can't wait when the large size is needed so I can get more sized ones, as so many more to try out lol :O) Will definitely add my comments when I try them

lmccrean Sat 16-Jul-05 17:43:50

posted a few comments on it fancy putting up a section for cloth training pants? Im starting dd soon, and am going to try a few diff ones, and will post what I think!

lmccrean Sat 16-Jul-05 17:44:58

oh, and a section for wraps and boosters please lol..ill shut up now...

maisiemog Sat 16-Jul-05 18:59:41

Sir, yes sir!
I have added a wrap section and have reviewed Bummi wraps.
Plus a trainer pant section, about which I know little at the mo.
And a wool wrap section, just in case.
And a booster and liner section. Phew!

MrsDoolittle Sat 16-Jul-05 19:05:53

Great site! But you have missed one of the most important nappies - Totsbots!!!

What about some of the WAHM nappies too? Wee notions are getting alot of recommendations on this site at present.

maisiemog Sat 16-Jul-05 19:20:12

Ahhah! Mrs Doolittle, they are there, except at the bottom, because they were the first nappy I put on the site, but it's done in chronological order, so the first is last, so to speak.
Look on the right hand side and scroll right down to the bottom.
I'm going to look for your glowing review.

flowerfairy Sat 16-Jul-05 21:23:25

Good site. I wish that I'd had access to something like that when buying nappies. There's 1or 2 i wouldn't buy again

maisiemog Sat 16-Jul-05 22:13:19

Really, do tell???
Did you review the offending nappies yet????

Pixiefish Sat 16-Jul-05 22:50:44

have written a couple of reviews maisie- what a lovely idea

fionaplum Sat 16-Jul-05 23:01:04

Yes, please do tell

chipmonkey Sat 16-Jul-05 23:54:04

maisie, will you have a section for other wraps?

maisiemog Sun 17-Jul-05 00:22:39

Chipmonkey, I'm not very good at wraps, so I just put on one heading for all of them . It's a bit lazy isn't it?
Ok I'll see what I can do.

hub2dee Sun 17-Jul-05 07:42:02

Great site, mm. Might you consider scores / stars (mm score and / or 'everyone's combined scores') - it would be handy to glance at your top 5 faves rather than read each one IYSWIM (which I will of course do being a pernickety old goat).

maisiemog Sun 17-Jul-05 21:30:08

Hi Hub,
I could do scores, I think I would need to ask people to rate nappies out of 5 or 10 to do that?
Or on specific things, like absorbency and that kind of thing.
What do you think?
It might be beyond the scope of the humble blog?
Does anyone else have a blog that they have done rating with?

PeachyClair Sun 17-Jul-05 21:55:58

Have left my reviews, thanks for that- excellent idea!

maisiemog Sun 17-Jul-05 23:30:22

Thanks for the reviews.
Still no reviews for Sandys or Toddlease or Wonderoos, I'm surprised, I thought they were really popular.

hub2dee Mon 18-Jul-05 06:41:03

Hi Maisie, I think often the value of a good blog is that the author is trusted to give advice / comments on a particular area, so I'd thnk Maisie's top 5 would be as good / valid / useful as having all users voting and you don't need to faff with logging other people's scoring, calculating averages, throwing out bogus poster's 1s or 5s entered just to mess things up.

You'd perhaps need to have had experience with all the nappies you review to make this fair ?

Perhaps you can post a 'Wanted' ad for one-off / used nappies you are still wanting to test IYSWIM ?

The other thing which might be good is a links section to the three of four on-line stores you have found most helpful to you for online nappy-buying, or to US review sites etc.

HTH and well done. Your site looks fab.

wowy Mon 18-Jul-05 08:54:33

hi maisie. looks good. i work as an advisor for a nappy site. might be nice for us to add a link to your site, because theres nothing like personal experience. what do you reckon? have a look at, if you like CAT me.
i've posted a review of sandys.

flowerfairy Mon 18-Jul-05 19:44:48

Sorry I didn't get back to you before.

Not overly impressed with dizzy diapers. I do still use it but only in an emergency or wehn i know it'll be on for a very short time. They jsut don't fit snugly anywhere really.

maisiemog Mon 18-Jul-05 20:33:27

Flowerfairy, yes I have those, it's the waist that's big I find, but I kind of the like the dinkiness of them. Just use all of the poppers (that's what I do), there's bound to be one that works.
Hub, I don't want to put on what I think, I would be like a meglomaniac, mwhahahaha (again). Listen to meeeee everybody. No! I'm shuddering.
I might do the rating thing though, but there are quite a few reviews now, so it might be a bit late.
I think reviewing nappy sellers is a good one though. Mind you, it could turn into a mud-slinging thing. Although I think most clothies are very gentle and never have a bad word for anyone.
I'll check at the end of the week and see what is missing. Plus make a few more categories. Bear behinds are popular. Ooer!
Wowy I will CAT you, feel free to add a link, every little helps, when you are deciding which nappies to buy. Thanks for the review.

carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 19-Jul-05 16:46:34

Hi all

Just in case anyone didn't know mumsnet also have a reusable nappies survey which was updated recently. The results are here

We'd be delighted to have reviews of new nappies not in our current survey or for folks to add their comments on the nappies currently reviewed. Sending a review only takes a couple of minutes and you can do it here

We'll be updating our survey again in the next couple of months, so it'd be great to have any new feedback.

Thanks in advance

the mumsnet team

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