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Should i keep reminding?

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ebbie22 Tue 12-Jul-05 18:01:28

My dd is 2.5,and since last thurs,has had big pants on,even at night she has stayed dry{although she wears pull ups thru nite},she has had 2 accidents,1 was my own fault as didnt believe she really needed to go{had been up and down like yoyo,and was turning it into a game}...
The question is,do you think she has cracked it and should i keep asking her if she needs to go?
Today was my testing point as went to nursey for 2 hours,asked to go for a wee twice...But should I still ask her if she needs to go?

Tommy Tue 12-Jul-05 18:17:56

I woudl keep asking every hour or so for alittle while longer - particularly if she's doing something really interesting or exciting as, IME, they tend to forget about going to the loo then!

ebbie22 Tue 12-Jul-05 18:39:59

Thank you,I guess i should just record it for

ebbie22 Mon 22-Aug-05 14:21:38

I think i can safely say my dd is completly potty trained in day....An so so,So happy.....
Thanks for everyone that gave me advice when i was stressed xx

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