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Delaying potty training, will it spoil it?

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Lizita Tue 12-Jul-05 01:16:32

I'm going on holiday in a month's time and have always intended to wait till we get back to start potty training (She turns two while we're on holiday). I have had a potty in the bathroom for ages now (impulsive buy!) and my dd likes to sit on it for fun. But recently I am starting to think she really is ready to start potty training now. For a while she has told me when she has weed on the floor before bathtime, and she is very aware & amused by pooing etc. Then this evening when she claimed to have weed (i couldn't see any wee on the floor) I told her to sit on her potty and she did, but she got very upset when no wee wee came. This makes me think I should really jump on it now and start training in earnest, but I'm aware the holiday will disrupt it etc.... if i delay it do you think it'll spoil the moment and she'll lose interest? Or am I paranoid about the holiday unnecessarily?

Lizita Tue 12-Jul-05 01:16:51

PS the holiday is only for a week.

Lasvegas Wed 13-Jul-05 09:47:06

My DD is 2.5 and I started a week ago even though we are about to have a change in her routine. There will be 2 normal weeks at child minder, then one week at home with grandma and then a week in Spain with her parents and siblings. I embarked now as there never seemed to be a right time and it is so hot I felt sorry that she had a nappy on. She has never had accident at childminder but with me in am and eve and w/e she has never done anything other than farts on potty.

Fennel Wed 13-Jul-05 09:51:14

both mine were trained at about this time of year, shortly before going on holiday. if they are ready they can crack it in a few days and then it wouldn't affect your holiday too much. i would go for it now if she seems keen. but only if you really think she's ready.

you might have to be prepared to take a potty on holiday though and whip it out at various places. which can get a bit embarrasssing.

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