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Stain removal - help!!

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JennyWren Sat 09-Jul-05 05:02:02

Help! My dd has today had one of her explosive breastmilk poos, and we both needed a shower afterwards! She's only 4 weeks old, and her poos are pretty potent. I was holding dd when she leaked and both of us got covered in poo, and even though I put the clothes in the washing machine straight away (I've learnt from past experience ) and used Vanish gel on the stains, I can't get the stains out. I don't mind too much consigning the occasional baby vest to the 'use in an emergency' pile, but my best white feeding bra and the only decent blouse I own which still fits across my new and improved cleavage still have luminous yellow stains all over them.

Do any of you have any ideas for miraculous stain removal ideas? My collection of clothing that fits is limited enough, without my adding dayglo yellow patches to complement the look .

My new tots bots are in the washing machine as I type - roll on leak-free nappies!!!

eidsvold Sat 09-Jul-05 07:50:36

try soaking - hot water and then wash in oxy-action and hang out in the sunlight..... you could also try one of those whitener sachets for your bra and vest

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