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Night training... how are we doing?

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bakedpotato Tue 05-Jul-05 10:27:06

DD is 3.8, dry by day for 18 mths, but hasn't shown any inclination to be dry at night. However, she naps by day w/o nappy and never has accidents. We started lifting at 10.30pm to see what difference it made, and found if we talked endlessly about 'dry nappies in the morning', we started seeing a few and she seemed really keen to take the next step.
So. My mum had her to stay last week and with my blessing and DD's enthusiastic agreement, didn't put a nappy on her at night, lifted her and in the morning, bingo, dry bed, thrilled DD etc.
The next two nights were also dry and DD got the promised treat (painted her toenails ).
Since then, it's all gone pearshaped.
She has got us up at around 6am with small damp patches on two nights -- which was fine, we were very encouraging about this, didn't make a big deal of it -- and then last night she had accidents at 10pm and 2am. But got up and used potty on own at 6am, which is a big advance for her.
Aargh. Is this sort of pattern of 2 steps forward, 3 steps back usual -- shall I stick with it?
My hunch is that we started to take dry beds for granted, so she stopped focussing on it.
Can anyone offer me any encouragement?

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