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Self conscious of weeing???

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Corky Mon 04-Jul-05 19:16:19

Hi, I have a 32 month old dd who is still not potty trained. I think she is ready as she will sit on the potty or toilet and do wees (not poos mind you - but that's another story...).

I'm on my second attempt and she will now hold her groin area when she needs a wee or play with that area with her fingers. However when I ask her if she needs a wee, she says no, then when a miracle occurs and she says she needs a wee wee she then won't go and sit on the potty. This seems worse when I'm feeing my second child and can't immediately get up to help her.

We have tried sticker charts, with sad faces for accidents and chocolate for successful wees, but she just seems stubborn about it sometimes. I give her so much praise when she is successful, but if we go out (like the park today) - I put her in a pull up as I knew she wouldn't wee on the travel potty - she then started holding her legs together and holding her groin, so I asked if she needed a wee, and she said no! Then announces that the flowers on her nappy would have disappeared (its a huggies pull up!) - so what can I do! I don't want to force her screaming onto the potty, but she clearly now knows when she needs to go but is reluctant to actually do the deed!

Anyone got any suggestions on how to tackle this?

myermay Mon 04-Jul-05 20:45:22

Message withdrawn

Betty1970 Thu 07-Jul-05 21:52:43

I get this from time to time with my dd. She says she needs a wee, and then when we get to it (not always, but on quite a few occasions) says "don't like weeing". Also, dd holds herself so obviously needs to go!
I wonder if putting her in pull-ups is confusing her? We put pull ups on when we are going on a car journey that we think she will fall asleep on, and 9/10 after the pull up has come off and she is back in her "grown up pants" she wees all over the floor!
I don't know what to suggest really. I wonder if it hurts when she wees maybe? Perhaps a urine infection or something? Maybe worth a chat with the HV just to rule it out.

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