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Help! Fully trained DD suddenly afraid of the toilet all of a sudden

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Lua Mon 04-Jul-05 10:17:49

Hi All!
I am completely puzzled and unsure what to do. Help me out!

DD has been fully potty trained fro almost a year. Last week or so, she started refusing to use public bathrooms. She acted like she was scarred. Was ready to go, the moment I pick her up and put her above she would arch her back and stat crying...
All of sudden, she decided she is now scared of our home bathroom too!!!! I put a diaper on her, after the thirs time she said she needed to go but balked at the site of the toilet. She has been holding for 15 hours by then!! Well, she was desperate to pee, ran to the bathroom, took diapers out and... pee in the floor and !!!!
What is going on?? what do I do???

Lua Mon 04-Jul-05 13:26:05

any ideas?

mumsyof4 Mon 04-Jul-05 13:46:04

Had a simlar prob the other month.DD is 3 been clean and dry 6 months then out of the blue refused to go upstairs for toilet has never used potty so new it wasnt that she wanted to go downstairs.She cried and screamed when I tried to force the issue.She didnt hold she wet her nicks.After a few days and having tried the public loos and my mums we were still having the tantrums.It was only by sheer luck that whilst she was having a turn on the stairs she said spider.I dont know where the fear came from as she has never been one to be scared of anything but spiders were the problem she sees them in every toilet even when theres nothing there.We spent a whole week on spider patrol and she has her own loo brush to shoo them away,we had been going through this ritual for 2 weeks and seem to have made progress,she will use our toilet on her own again and doesnt bother to brush the spiders away but wont use public ones so we are still working on that.So I would like to suggest you try asking her if shes scared of something down the loo I no it seems silly butI never would have thought about it had it not happened to us.Give it a try hope you find the prob soon I know it can be very frustrating.

Rebecca's mum

Lua Mon 04-Jul-05 14:03:50

Hi Rebecca!
Thank for sharing your experience!
I do think there is something that is all of sudden scarrying her. The weird thing though is that she is still using the toilet at daycare.... so is not of all toilets...
What did you do meanwhile?Did you put her back on diapers?

mumsyof4 Mon 04-Jul-05 14:19:04

Hi, no diapers i offered but she wouldnt have none of it,I've just mopped up after her and tried my best not to get angry (very hard though).I asked at Daycare but apparently she never goes to toilet there,but shes only in Daycare from 9 till 12 so she obviously holds.

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