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ds uses paddling pool as loo

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shey Sun 03-Jul-05 21:53:49

Our ds has a speech and language delay so potty training has been down our list until we sorted the dx out. We decided at age 3.6 that this summer holiday we would go for it. 10 days ago, having shown no interest in the whole area, ds took off his nappy and weeed (is that how you spell it) in the paddling pool. We were really pleased. He is now completly reliable, rushing through the house to get into the garden to do his wee. He will use the loo if it is night-time. The poo side of it is less exciting. Again he uses the paddling pool. How do I move him from a paddling pool to a loo? help............ (roses have lots of free manure!!)

KatyMac Sun 03-Jul-05 21:55:51

Put the potty in the pool.....lots of praise if he hits it?

Then move it next to the pool a few days late....gradually getting closer to the loo (if it works)

starlover Sun 03-Jul-05 21:58:07

how about getting a ping-pong ball and putting it in the loo.
then he has a game each time to see if he can hit it... might encourage him to use loo.

alternatively, if he is using the loo at night he obviously knows that that is where wee goes... take the paddling pool away and see what happens? he may just go to the loo all the time

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