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washables - so confused -please help

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janx Fri 01-Jul-05 22:31:21

I am thinking of changing to washable nappies - but am sooooooo confused about all the jargon - wraps,liners, boosters, fleeces - and then which make?? I know I have left it quite late (dd is 9 months) but would like to give it a go - any advice for starting off

lunavix Fri 01-Jul-05 22:34:01

I started at 10 months!

You need a nappy to start of with. Usually towelling. Then you can have a booster in it (to help soak up more wee, usually towelling too, sometimes attached).

A wrap goes over the top and makes it waterproof so it doesn't leak.

Liners are fleece or paper that go in the nappy to catch the poo.

You can get the old style terries which require folding and stuff (like your mum would have used!) but now you can get gorgeous shaped nappies.

lunavix Fri 01-Jul-05 22:35:56

You can also get AIO (all in one) nappies which have a wrap and nappy in one, but in general these are more expensive and leak more, although that is a generalisation.

Totsbots, Bumbles, Kissaluvs and Minkis are all very popular with MNers! These are all just nappies.
As are Fuzzi Bunz which are an AIO.

Me and misdee have just both bought Wee Wonders too

As for wraps Motherease seem to be a firm favourite. Poppers tend to work a lot better than velcro (aplix)

lunavix Fri 01-Jul-05 22:45:07

totsbots kissaluvs fuzzibunz

lunavix Fri 01-Jul-05 22:45:35

In case you can't tell, they're addictive!

misdee Fri 01-Jul-05 22:49:27

very addictive. try contacting a local nappy advisor.

chipmonkey Fri 01-Jul-05 23:27:13

All-in-ones seem like a good idea but they're usually not! They take forever to dry though I believe Bumbles are an exception to this rule. Haven't tried them myself. Pocket nappies are good because they work like a disposable but you take them apart for washing. Fuzzi bunz and minkies are good examples of these. Most others involve a nappy and a wrap. The nappy is the absorbent bit (duh!) and the wrap is the outer bit, kind of like old-style plastic pants but much thinner and softer. I would advise to try one of each before committing yourself to a big purchase. After lots of trial and error I've decided on fuzzi-bunz stuffed with prefolds (cotton or hemp) as my personal favourite.

Pixiefish Fri 01-Jul-05 23:42:48

here's a list of agents am sure you'll have one local to you- they'll meet with you and show you different types so that you can get it clear in your mind what you want

KMS Sat 02-Jul-05 14:11:44

There are also loads of advisors all over the country here and they will do no obligation demo so you can see and feel the different nappies and talk to a mum using them and they advise you to make sure you don't buy unnessessary stuff and some do hire kits to give it a go before you buy.

Maisiemog Sun 03-Jul-05 18:01:54

Hi Janx,
I know it seems a bit confusing, and I'm surprised you have time for researching with a nine month old. Well done you.
The bottom line is that nappies are pretty much all the same basic shape, they only vary in the type of fabric and how many layers (thickness) there is, and if there is a waterproof bit sewn in or if the waterproof bit is seperate and put over the nappy(like plastic pants).
I have loads of different types of nappy and I can honestly say I don't really have any preferences, they all work pretty well, some are better for day, some thicker nappies are better for night.
If you are thinking about reusables for environmental reasons, then you should probably be looking at Hemp or organic cotton nappies.
If you want hemp I recommend buying second hand, as they need a good dozen washes to become absorbent. However, when they reach full absorbency they are about 4 or 5 times more absorbent than cotton, so you get a slimmer nappy.
The main hemp nappies in the UK are Ellas House, and Ellas Bumhuggers and growing greens. Look at UKparents buy and sell forum, it's great. Or Ebay. YOu can get some bargains.
Trial packs seem like a good idea. I think ecobabes are good, they have a wide range of different types, and some lesser known nappies, which look good.
Pocket nappies are pretty easy to use and you can use hemp inside. I have to warn that my ds is a heavier wetter and they tend to leak on him after an hour. However, they are easy to clean more simple the inside of the nappy, the easier to clean off poop.
Have fun

janx Mon 04-Jul-05 10:06:42

Thanks for all your replies and taking the time to put in links for me - I see I have lots of reading!! - I think I will definatley contact an agent - I will let you know how I get on

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