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Flamesparrow Thu 30-Jun-05 08:29:34

What was the wee wonders like in the end?

Flamesparrow Thu 30-Jun-05 15:18:29


starlover Thu 30-Jun-05 15:28:50

oh it's rather fab! it's SOOOOO lovely looking that i don't like putting a wrap over it! LOL

used it overnight a couple of days ago and it was fantastic

Flamesparrow Thu 30-Jun-05 15:30:04


Suddenly got all awondering...

starlover Thu 30-Jun-05 15:31:37

hehe... yeah it's actually a really nice nappy. takes a while to dry though.
thinking of e-mailing them and seeing if they've considered a version with a pul inner like a minki

almostanangel Thu 30-Jun-05 15:32:21

sl please give me the nswer to th eboat thing ive had a hard day

Flamesparrow Thu 30-Jun-05 15:32:53

Me too

I'm very very hormonal and not up to mean boats

starlover Thu 30-Jun-05 15:32:55

erm, i might have to do it again to figure it out...

Flamesparrow Thu 30-Jun-05 15:34:16

We'll wait

How's you now AAA... read your post this morning, but DD was having pooing issues so I couldn't reply

starlover Thu 30-Jun-05 15:34:29

ok first i think take the police and prisoner across

then send police back by themself

then send over the police with one kid

then send back the police AND prisoner

starlover Thu 30-Jun-05 15:34:51

then send parent and other child

starlover Thu 30-Jun-05 15:35:36

then get parent to take reaft back AGAIN

erm no.. i am stuck again!

starlover Thu 30-Jun-05 15:37:13

ok yes... then send both parents over

then send back the odd parent (you should have either mum and both girls over by now, or dad and both boys)

send police and prisoner back across

Flamesparrow Thu 30-Jun-05 15:37:30

That was where I got to too

starlover Thu 30-Jun-05 15:37:58

oh dear... may have got confused

starlover Thu 30-Jun-05 15:39:39

do you just have a mum and 2 girls left on original side?

starlover Thu 30-Jun-05 15:40:03

if so, send mum asnd one girl over

starlover Thu 30-Jun-05 15:40:26

then send police and prisoner back

then police and other girl

starlover Thu 30-Jun-05 15:40:44

then send police back again to fetch prisoner!

Flamesparrow Thu 30-Jun-05 15:41:32

Can't do that... then prisoner is left with girl

I thnk I quit.. too tired to care!

Flamesparrow Thu 30-Jun-05 15:41:56

oh... with ya... irgnore me

Flamesparrow Thu 30-Jun-05 15:42:28


jessicasmummy Thu 30-Jun-05 15:42:54


LunarSea Thu 30-Jun-05 15:48:39

Cop takes Thief across.
Cop comes back alone.
Cop takes Son #1 across.
Cop and Thief come back.
Father takes Son #2 across.
Father comes back alone.
Father takes Mother across.
Mother comes back alone.
Cop takes Thief across.
Father comes back alone.
Father takes Mother across.
Mother comes back alone.
Mother takes Daughter #1 across.
Cop and Thief come back.
Cop takes Daughter #2 across.
Cop comes back alone.
Cop takes Thief across.

lunachic Thu 30-Jun-05 16:17:37

dont know what thats about !!

starlover what are you getting for your nappy week prize seems they've mixed up ??

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