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Sobbing child

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flamesparrow Mon 27-Jun-05 20:02:32

She's sobbing..

She needs a poo, but won't go on the potty or toilet, and now she won't even put a nappy on to have one!!!

dot1 Mon 27-Jun-05 22:03:23

I'm soooooo with you Flamesparrow! Ds1 has been toilet training for a week now, and is fab with wees but still very anxious about doing poos in the toilet... He did none for 4 days (usually goes every day) and has now taken to pooing at night in his nappy and then getting really upset about it..! We're resigned to the next few weeks being like this - although he's done 2 poos on the loo aswell, so there's hope!

flamesparrow Tue 28-Jun-05 08:05:56

It got worse...

She went to bed, and was all settled...

Then started crying when I went to the loo, so I thought I'd leave her a little while to resettle... The sobbing suddenly got more frantic, and I got up there to find her with poo all over her nightie, holding out her dirty nappy to me sobbing "Poo"

Warm bath and cuddles fixed things, but I still feel horrible for leaving her to cry!!

KiwiKate Tue 28-Jun-05 09:18:58

Not sure of the history of this thread. But when ds (2.2yo) started potty training we rewarded him (with candles to blow out because he loved them, but you can do it with stickers or anything else they value). We did one candle for a wee, and two for a poo. THis worked really well.

We did a very low stress technique of letting him have some nappy-on time and some nappy off time. Got to the stage where he didn't want a nappy on, but I told him that he only had two choices. Either put the nappy on, or do a poo in the potty/toilet. Initially he opted for "nappy on", but soon gaduated from that.

Also for ages before that I showed him when I dumped his poo from his nappy into the toilet. At first he was a bit offended when I told him that he produced the poo! but soon he loved flushing it way and we made a joke of it being stinky. I think this helped him get the idea before he did it himself.

Also, I think it is quite normal for kids to get the hang of doing wees in potty/toilet first. Generally the poo thing comes a few days/weeks later.

Hang in there!

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