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jessicasmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 09:35:11

I got an email from them after asking about what nappy is best for night time as jess leaks badly.

Anyone actually feel THE NAPPY LADY knows what they are talknig about or are just trying to sell certain nappies?!

lockets Thu 23-Jun-05 09:38:02

Message withdrawn

jessicasmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 09:40:50

yep - driving me up the WALL! Got heat stroke last night - ooops!

Staying well and truly indoors today - lets hope jess is a good girl for mummy!

lockets Thu 23-Jun-05 09:45:10

Message withdrawn

jessicasmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 09:45:40

i feel a paddling pool DAY coming on.... sod the shopping!

Have a good one anyway mate x

Feffi Thu 23-Jun-05 18:07:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jessicasmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 18:09:08

we use a disposable at night at the moment.

Misdee has sent me a tots bots and mother ease wrap to try tonight to see if it works.

Happy with KUshies during the day, its just night times

SenoraPostrophe Thu 23-Jun-05 18:09:16

I've always had good advice from the nappy lady - one email even told me not to buy something I had suggested buying.

SenoraPostrophe Thu 23-Jun-05 18:09:56

jm - if she's a big nighttime wetter, you might also want to use a booster with the tots bot.

jessicasmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 18:11:09

ok thanks... will see how it goes.

Misdee has sent exactly what nappy lady reccommended but wasnt sure if the advice was to be followed or not?!

lou33 Thu 23-Jun-05 19:29:12

nappy lady was excellent for me

Feffi Thu 23-Jun-05 20:51:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rarrie Sun 26-Jun-05 23:51:27

I had great advice. Like a previous poster, was told when not to buy things that I was planning to!

Maisiemog Tue 28-Jun-05 02:14:43

I must say the Nappy Lady seems to recommend Motherease and Tots Bots an awful lot of the time. What's that about???

SpikeMomma Tue 28-Jun-05 09:51:40

Nappy lady was good for me. Told me about cheapest way doing things. I've rented some wraps from them and they tailored which ones i got to my request. They could have just told me to buy them which would have been more expensive.

Also used Nappy Mania as well as NL - posed the same question to both of them. Both got back to me within hours and both said the same thing. So they give same info as others, so hopefully not bias.

Advise i got was invaluable - as i was totally out of my depth before hand! Maybe contact them and they'd work something out for you. Good luck anyway.

flamesparrow Tue 28-Jun-05 09:53:23

All the Nappy Lady's advice was great for me... and I was another one who was told NOT to buy something I wanted.

jessicasmummy Tue 28-Jun-05 09:53:23

thanks guys.

she has recommended tots bots and motherease wraps. i have been using one of each with jess at night times leant to me by another mnetter and it is really good.

think i will go with tots and motherease - roll on thursday (PAYDAY!)

flamesparrow Tue 28-Jun-05 09:54:57

washabums is a great forum - Real mums using cloth nappies - some sell, some make, some are anppy advisors. They give you advice based on their own experience, and aren't trying to sell you anything.

misdee Tue 28-Jun-05 09:56:02

tbh i think tots bots and ME wraps are the most reliable nppies i have\used. i like fuzzis for their slimless, but prefer tots and ME due to the facti know that if dd3 doesnt wake in the night we wont have leaks in the morning.

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