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Do the bowels affect the bladder?

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moonunit Wed 22-Jun-05 13:59:40

My ds, 3.6yrs has a problem with stoolwitholding but we are giving him lactoluse to try and sort it. He's not potty trained yet, and i thought i would try and get him started with his wees, but he seems to have no bladder control at all. Someone told me that if the bowel is full (which his often is from his withholding) it pushes against the bladder making it harder to control. Anyone had any experience of this. Thanks in advance to any replies.

moonunit Wed 22-Jun-05 20:35:11


paolosgirl Wed 22-Jun-05 20:38:22

This is very weird! A nursing colleague was talking about this today (my dd hs just had an ultrasound because of her lack of bladder control) and apparently constipation can be the cause of poor bladder control for exactly the reasons you gave.

moonunit Wed 22-Jun-05 21:45:22

Thanks paolosgirl, if that is true then, maybe i will have to wait until his bowels are sorted which could take a while, he could be in pull ups until he's well over 4. Is that the problem with your dd's bladder control?

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