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How to move from potty to toilet, esp for boys?

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chocolatequeen Mon 20-Jun-05 22:11:09

Just potty trained my 2.5yo ds, with relative ease, he's perfectly comfortable using the potty, even when engrossed in playing. However, mummy dearest is getting a wee bit tired (no pun intended!) of emptying potty that is 2 foot away from big toilet. He's fairly happy to wee in toilet (just tall enough to do it without needing a step), although have had a minor set back in that hotel toilet lid fell on him (OOOOWWWWWW!) while he was having a wee (no major damage done, just very sore bits).

If there is no potty, ie we are out somewhere, he will happily wee in big toilet, but am struggling to get him to do it at home, as he prefers the potty. Went to a friends house, where there was a step and a big toilet, but he couldn't get on the booster seat thing to do a poo from step with trousers round ankles, trying to turn round etc. Was all a bit too much for him. Are there any ways to make it easier for boys? Can you get baby toilet seats that are level with the regular seat, and therefore easier to slide onto?

Sorry it's a bit rambly!

KiwiKate Tue 21-Jun-05 05:36:14

My DS is 2y2mnths. I've been diagnosed with spd (agonising pubic bone pain caused by second pregnancy) so cannot lift or bend very easily. In desperation, have put a kiddie chair next to the big toilet and "lost" the potty. He climbs up and stands on the chair to use the toilet.

We made a big deal about what a big boy he is climbing up! Also, the chair is high enough for him to turn around on and sit on the loo for poos.

Perhaps if your DS had a step to stand on (to keep the privates out of range of falling lids!) he might be happier?

Anyway, "loosing" the potty might be the answer? Ours still asks for the potty, but is happy enough to use the loo when we tell him that the potty is lost (having said that, he spotted it sitting on top of the double bunks in his room when dad lifted him up this morning, so we'll have to really put it out of sight).

Good luck

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