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what do you do about poos?

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nailpolish Mon 20-Jun-05 13:41:46

quite excited about posting in this section .

dd1 and i have decided its time to toilet train. shes not happy using potties, shes 2yrs 8mths so shes quite tall to use potties. we have toilets downstairs and upstairs so thats no prob.

anyway, she is bare bummed the past 2 days, i take her to the toilet regularly (feels like every 5 mins!) and she always does a pee, and sometimes she asks to go for a pee.

but yesterday she was in the garden and clutched her bum, saying 'mummy im doing a poo'. we managed to get to the toilet in time and it was major celebrations!

but today she told me she needed a poo and she went round the back of the couch (like she usually does to do a poo) so i took her to the toilet. she had a tantrum and started crying saying she was frightened to do it on the toilet. i know for a fact she is holding it in and that worries me. she said she doesnt need one anymore. she is having a nap now (with a nappy on) and i will take her to the toilet when she wakes, hopefully she will do it then.

any advice?


WigWamBam Mon 20-Jun-05 13:43:45

The advice I was given with dd was to treat training for wees as a different issue to training for poos. If she won't poo in the toilet, or has a particular place where she goes to poo (as my dd did), put a nappy on and let her poo in it. When she's ready to try pooing on the toilet, she'll do it.

nailpolish Mon 20-Jun-05 13:47:11

hi wwb

i tried that, i put a nappy on her and said 'its ok, you can have a nappy for poo just now' she was calm again, sat down on the couch and said 'mummy im doing a wee wee in my nappy'!!!!!

so i took it off again, tried the toilet again and she said she didnt need a poo anymore.

nailpolish Mon 20-Jun-05 18:47:56


fruitful Mon 20-Jun-05 18:54:25

Some ideas -

If she can tell you when she's going to poo, and you can get a nappy on her, do that till you've sorted the wees. Chances are she'll decide to use the loo herself during that time.

If you know she needs to go - will she sit on the toilet while you read her a story? No pressure, just to sit and listen to the story. Give her some orange juice beforehand!

Make a joke out of the "plop" noise...

My standard potty-training advice - chocolate buttons.

nailpolish Tue 21-Jun-05 07:38:23

thanks fruitful, ill try that, inc. the buttons!
day 3 - so far so good................

Fran1 Tue 21-Jun-05 08:30:05

D'you think she would do it if she was wearing knickers?

I know it sounds a bit gross, but buy some cheap knickers so you can bin them if she poos in them. If she goes behind the sofa to poo as usual, don't go near her, or try to move her just ask "do you want to do that on the toilet?" She'll probably say no, so leave her to it.
Then take her to the bathroom let her watch you flush the poo from her knickers down the toilet and tell her that she should have sat on the toilet to do it. (then if i were you i'd bin the knickers )

Hopefully after a few goes, she'd probably get the message.
This way she hopefully won't hold onto her poos and wearing knickers makes cleaning up a little easier!

Good luck, you're doing well! and its common for poos on toilets to come later. My dd always used toilet for wee's, but potty for poos, in fact still does 6mths down the line.

nailpolish Tue 21-Jun-05 09:14:29

hi fran

thats what i did, i went out and bought about 40 pairs of pants, with the idea that most of them will probably get binned!

but sometimes i think she gets confused wearing pants, thinks its a nappy and has accidents (weewee) in the pants too, so i was starting off with bare bums.

but she loves wearing pants, likes to be like mummy and is a real copy cat of 'bigger girls', so its a novelty for her just now, but as i say she sometimes gets confused.

she ended up doing her poo in the bath last night, she couldnt hold it in any longer

what i might do then is if she says she needs a poo, instead of putting a nappy on her ill let her wear pants for that.

Fran1 Tue 21-Jun-05 15:34:44

Yeah my dd had same prob with knicker/nappy differences. I did nearly put that in my last post, it only took a couple of weeks of a few wet knickers before she got the hang of it. So maybe your little one will get the hang of both together?

Yeah my dd did a few poos in the bath at first, rabbit droppingtype ones too luckily dp was always around to scoop them out.
Good luck!

calpopscalum Sun 26-Jun-05 16:44:23

Have to agree with fruitful - it was the plop that did it in our house!! DS wouldn't do poos in the toilet till I told him about the PLOP - as soon as he heard it that was it, he now does 'plopitty poos' (as he calls them!) and has to imitate the pl----o---------p or the plop by shouting it out very loudly. It worked though and dd is very interested in it too! far to boring to use the nappy or potty now!
take care and good luck

sallycinnamon Sun 26-Jun-05 22:07:21

We didn't have as much as a problem as you are having but I used to do the same as Fruitful and make a joke out of the plopping noise. We would sit and listen for it! Followed by lots of cheers if it was particularly spectacular!

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