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Lollipop agents - are the fleece rainbow pocket nappies still available in the 18-35lb size?

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tutu100 Thu 12-Nov-09 20:06:01

I can't find them anywhere? They have the smaller size, but I need the larger one.

NappyShedSal Thu 12-Nov-09 21:08:57

They have been discontinued - but there will be something new replacing it at some point. I will ask on the Lollipop advisors forum if anyone has any left in stock - how many would you like and do you only want new, or are you happy to have secondhand?

Send me an email with your details on, and I'll let you know if I have any luck.

NappyShedSal Thu 12-Nov-09 21:12:17

I have found 5 new ones for you so far. But will need to know quite soon whether yu want them or not!! And whether you want any more.

How's that for service!!!

Octothebaglady Fri 13-Nov-09 08:25:55

I don't have any either- only small.

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