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flat-backed nappy buckets for washables? Also waterproof bags to go in them

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charleypops Sat 18-Jun-05 19:22:28

Hi, I have just about got all the essentials for my baby (due day 2 days ago), APART from nappy buckets. I know flat backed ones exist, (they'll be better for us as we're short of space) but I have no idea where to get them from (I need 2 I think). I also need waterproof bags drawstring bags to go in them so I can just shove the whole lot in the machine (the idea being the nappies will come out of the bag while getting washed). Any ideas? Anyone have any to sell?


charleypops Sat 18-Jun-05 19:23:50

Sorry - meant "I need waterproof drawstring bags..." - made from PUL or something I suppose

Tissy Sat 18-Jun-05 19:40:46

Got my flat-backed bucket from John Lewis, because it tucked neatly between the loo and the wall in our tiny bathroom, but TBH, it wasn't big enough! We soon resorted to one of those large plastic dustbins with clips to hold the lid on. Got it from Homebase, I think. It took up more space, but didn't need emptying so often, with the small bucket we did a wash nearly every day because the bucket was full, but the washing machine wasn't. Daft!

The drawstring washing bags I got from Twinkle Twinkle, but they weren't big enough for the big bucket, so ended up just putting the nappies in the machine by hand- if you dry pail it really isn't that bad.

tassis Sat 18-Jun-05 20:14:10

My bucket's flat backed and was from mothercare. COuld do to be bigger, but if you're going to have two it might be OK.

I got bag for inside from the nappy lady but ditched it very quickly as once you're used to dealin with yucky nappies, it's not a great hardship just to toss them into the machine. Would consider selling it.

Hope all goes well for you! Exciting time...

charleypops Sat 18-Jun-05 21:01:46

Hmm, think I'm going to need a couple of those 16 litre jobbies after thinking about it. Been to Mothercare and John Lewis just this last week and they didn't have any.

Tassis - would your bag fit a 16litre bucket? Or would it be too small?

I'm going to put the nappies in a solution at least to start with and might move on to dry pailing if I can get them just as clean.

popsycal Sat 18-Jun-05 21:03:27

angletots drawstring bag fits my 16 litre bucket....she was the cheapest i could find online....
it is mesh not PUl though

pootlepod Sun 19-Jun-05 11:50:35

Kittykins also sell a large mesh, think it is the nature babies one.

If you don't have much space, you could use a bag instead of a bucket, but you can't wet pail this way. You wouldn't need a drawstring bag then.

Yorkiegirl Sun 19-Jun-05 11:53:39

Message withdrawn

tassis Sun 19-Jun-05 12:54:18

Think it'd be too small, charleypops.

BevB Sun 19-Jun-05 23:58:11

I bought a large mesh laundry bag to go into my 21ltr bucket for £1.

charleypops Mon 20-Jun-05 11:39:48

I was going to get a drawstring mesh bag, until MNer Hub2Dee pointed out that they would drip as you get them out of the bucket to put them in the machine. i suppose a pedal bin liner would work in a bucket until I found a "proper" one that can be thrown in the wash. I could make one easily if I could find some white PUL....Bev - I guess one you've filled a 21ltr bucket, that would be whole load in itself?

Can you wash pooey newborn nappies or fleece liners with other stuff like white bathroom towels or bedlinen? I guess you need them to be as poo free as possible?

tassis Mon 20-Jun-05 13:17:07

Really recommend dry-pailing.

I sometimes throw a few white towel or tea towels and definately bibs in with the nappies, but otherwise tend to keep them separate.

Sometimes I'm running out of clean wraps and I'll wash a wrap or 2 with my regular washing.

charleypops Mon 20-Jun-05 19:54:57

Dry pailing sounds like a whole less hassle, but do you get the whites as white as you would wet-pailing? I live in a hard water area?

BevB Mon 20-Jun-05 21:46:03

I live in east Anglia which has really hard water and dry pail but never fill the bucket with nappies as I wash every other day with any towels & bibs (although I could probably go every 3 days now), I use soapnut shells for washing my nappies so there are no whiteners in there (ocassionally use ecover laundry bleach) but drying on the line gets any marks left after washing out.

hub2dee Mon 20-Jun-05 23:22:09

hi cp - this link has a straight backed pail and the 'waterproof' bags.

PUL would fail and wick I think.

You need PVC or whatever. You could use the keywords from this page and find lots of other suppliers I expect.

From what I've read, I'd go with tassis' dry pailing suggestion. Less mucky nasty water, less spills, less accident risk, lighter bucket etc. etc. Most of the nappy info sites I've surfed (all 20 million of them) seem to suggest dry pailing.


PS - Are you feeling more 'imminent' ?

hana Mon 20-Jun-05 23:44:18

I had been soaking the nappies for a few weeks but the trip down to the washing machine with a heavy bucket of dirty nappies - and then tranferring the wet nappies into drum with dirty water dribbling down front of machine from mesh bag............yuck yu cyuk
I have now been dry pailing and it's easypeasy
I use teatreee oil on the top of lid
no smells and dd2 is now on solids (so stinkier poos)
anywyas, I ;ve done both and I think the dry pailing is much easier and the mesh bag has been fine

v exciting about baby to be - lots of luck!!

charleypops Tue 21-Jun-05 16:27:51

Right - dry pailing it is then! Phew! Sounds so much easier Thanks for all your advice those soap nuts sound good.

Hub - thanks for the link - I did see some of those recently, but couldn't find anywhere that told me what the capacity was, but according to that site, two will probably work for me with meshes.
Nothing's happening yet and I'm 40+5 now, induction booked for 29th, and a sweep on Friday neither of which I'm looking forward to .... I'm off to look for a reflexologist! Hope you and dw are well and she's not suffering from the heat too much!

hub2dee Tue 21-Jun-05 16:50:25

Well, I hope it all happens for you, cp... I suppose everyone's bored you with information about pineapple, bonking, curries, nipple tweaking and raspberry leaf tea ?

I saw some nice nappies today... on an information stand for Nappy week. They were called 'OneLife' and were super soft. I think they are Team Lollipop's own brand version of Motherease - probably identical design and fabric, but I'm not sure.

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