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Diddy diaper micros for a newborn - experiences please!

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bambipie Tue 10-Nov-09 08:30:24

New baby due in a few weeks, dd (20months) is in Bumgenius and fluffles at night both of which I love. But her BGs were leaky at first, till her legs chunked up!

So, I'm thinking of two parters for the new one at first (also to reduce the washing burden!).

Are micro diddy diapers good? How many would I need(we have good indoor drying facilities!)? Already have 6 small motherease airflow wraps (new on ebay - £16 for four!!)

Not worried about bulkiness as it's likely to be in babygrows for ages!

Thank you

Babybots Tue 10-Nov-09 09:03:51

Yes they are great!

We recommend two parters for newborns as they are so much better at containment whilst baby is tiny.

Micro diddys are fab, dry really quickly (like overnight) on an airer and are much slimmer than their counterparts!

They are Nippa fastening so very adjustable and the front can be folded down to make them smaller in the rise and miss cord clamps etc. Lots of room for boosting too.

You might like the Orig Diddy for nights.

Id just try a few to start with but end up with maybe 12-16 if you have good drying? if you were to wash every evening though you could do it with 10 id of thought.

But yes id say they will be great and with your Motherease wraps you'll be set!

NappyShedSal Tue 10-Nov-09 11:00:59

Yes, lovely lovely nappies. I have started stocking them exclusively to recommend to people with newborns / small babies. They are absorbent, but tiny at the same time. And supper soft and squishy - so much nicer than a rough cotton nappy next to a newborn skin!!!

I do also recommend muslins for the first couple of weeks, but micro DDs are much nicer.

If you didn't want to spend too much I hire out newborn teeny tiny nappies for £5 per week, but they really are teeny tiny and only fit up to about 9lbs, and taht might not be enough to see your LO into the BG - but of course it might!

But - yes Micro DDs are a good choice.

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