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just been browsing through natural child sponser site

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misdee Fri 17-Jun-05 23:37:46

i am very tempted by their slings.

someone stop me!!!

hunkermunker Fri 17-Jun-05 23:38:42

Ooh, which one? I love slings

DS wouldn't go in his though - just headbutted me and cried!

hunkermunker Fri 17-Jun-05 23:39:00

Not really stopping you am I?!

misdee Fri 17-Jun-05 23:40:45

the Perraja. fabric seems more lightweight than the moby i am using atm. want somethign to keep us both cooler.

hunkermunker Fri 17-Jun-05 23:41:36

Does look nice!

I used a Wilkinet with DS (occasionally...!) and we both hated it!

misdee Sat 18-Jun-05 08:30:16

still tempted. off to ebay to have a look on there.

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