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Tots Bots Easy FIt (AIO) question

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elk4baby Sat 07-Nov-09 01:08:41


I've just bought a pack of the TB Easy Fit bamboo nappies and am a bit confused hmm. The description says that there's a fold-out core and a booster, but all these have is the bamboo booster it seems. They are basically a PUL outer, the stretchy polyester lining and the bamboo booster; that's it! There's no fold-out core. Am I missing something here?! shockblush

Btw, all the photos of these show a fold-out core plus a booster... so I'm thinking, I got a faulty pack... ...there's 5 nappies though, they couldn't all be faulty, could they?!

Octothebaglady Sat 07-Nov-09 09:03:08

You have bamboo pockets not bamboo easyfit - the pockets have a stay dry pocket which the booster goes in - the easyfit has a flip out inner core like you say.

The easyfit are more expensive - but I quite like the pockets.


mumface Sat 07-Nov-09 10:18:16

I had the same confusion, bought one last year at Babyshow in a packet that said AIO (or similar) but when I opened it was a pocket not an Easyfit. Packaging was not clear enough and was sealed so couldn't have a peep.

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