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Throwind potty out the room with wee in it!!

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Jasmum Thu 16-Jun-05 11:22:07

DD is 2.9yrs & has been dry inthe day since April with no accidents, she was amazingly easy to train as she was very ready. Over the last 6 wks or so bedtime has become a nightmare, DP & I had sorted it where a stairgate is on her door now so she can't get out. We put the potty in her room as she was waking up needing a wee but only sometimes. (Pull ups are still wet in the morning.) We thought maybe she's beginnign to show signs of night training so were going with it. DP lifts her at about 10ish as she takes all her clothes & pull ups off when we put her to bed in protest at the gate being shut. (BTW, she gets 3 chances to stay in her bed b4 gate is shut, but gate always ends up shut.) When DP lifts her he gets pull up back on & pj's. Anyway her new trick is to do a wee in the potty & throw the potty over the gate along with pull ups & pyjamas. This is all before she's gone to bed. Once she's in bed and asleep she's OK.
I am pg and baby is due in 4 days & have no idea what to do about this problem. I don't beleive she's ready for complete night training but I just cannot have wee being thrown around out of sheer temper. Any ideas please???

bigdonna Thu 16-Jun-05 11:33:34

maybe its because you are due to have another baby.try putting her pjs on back to front if button up, or buy all in ones to make it difficult to get off.i think this is all attention seeking!.have you tried star charts yet my children still respond to star charts and they are 6 and nearly 8.I cm and the child i mind,goes through phases where she wets herself or is very aggressive to her mum when she gets picked up star charts normally sort this out.hope this is some help.

NannyL Thu 16-Jun-05 11:34:46

looks like its a 'power' issue

something she CAN do to annoy you!

Eitehr show no reaction at all.... as if you dont care (can imagine that will be V hard, but if she gets no reaction at all is unlikely to persist...

OR keep her in pull ups and start again when new baby is setlled and accepted etc!

Jasmum Thu 16-Jun-05 11:39:06

Colpetely agree it's a power issue, jsut don't know how to stop it. Ignoring it is easier said than done but I know what you're saying.
Would love to keep her in pull ups but she just takes them off and goes to bed naked & will wet herself. As I say 2nd baby due in 4 days & am really stressed about having a newborn & a toddler to deal with throguhout the night.
i have tried sticker charts but she got bored with them a while abck so haven't done them for a while.
I feel it's a pattern of behaviour that she's got into & it's almost like she doens't know what else to do at bedtime except play up.

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