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pocket nappies for a toddler?

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thisisyesterday Mon 02-Nov-09 16:08:58

i was going to buy some wonderoos, as i have a couple that i love but it seems you can only get them with the microterry insert now, not hemp, which is what mine is

so not sure which to choose now.
I've been a die-hard MEO and airflow user so far with ds1 and ds2. but ds3 is going to need the meos soon and as they're getting a bit tight on ds2 i figured i'd get some new ones for him

i like the ease of use of the wonderoos, but not sure if it the best choice. I have some large fuzzi bunz which i used loads with ds1, b ut they don't suit ds2 at all and i keep getting leaks.
I had some blueberry minkys for him when he was little hwich were great, but they leak all the time on ds3! so don't want to get more of them as won't be able to use them again on ds3

confused yet??? lol i am
stick with the wonderoos and hope the microterry is as good as the hemp? or go for something like bumgenius or swaddlebees or real easy (i like the look of this)

giggleloop Mon 02-Nov-09 16:16:47

I use wonderoos with terry during the day and use hemp at night. If I don't have any hemp I fold up a bamboo square nappy and stuff that in. I've only ever used wonderoos and terry squares with motherease wraps so I don't know what the others are like.

mumskullface Mon 02-Nov-09 16:23:40

I had a similar search for toddler pocket/AIO nappies recently. Tried Blueberry sidesnaps, Fuzzi,real easy and finally found Itti AIO which I love the most. How large is your toddler?, I love Coolababy with the microfibre and an extra easy peasy hemp underneath and they were his everyday nappy but at 30lb he grew out of them.

LittlePants Tue 03-Nov-09 08:04:33

I've found that Wonderos are to short in the rise. Pocket nappy with the absolurtely largest large size adjustment I have found by far is the P'tits Dessous mini-maxi. This fits a REALLY chunky toddler, but alos adjusts down to a pretty new newborn!

Oh, and you can get them without inserts as well. In fact a certain site I now sells all its pocket nappies without inserts, as so many people prefer to choose their own inserts, or already have something they can use ;)

thisisyesterday Tue 03-Nov-09 11:07:39

short in the rise is good as he is quite short! lol
i have one wonderoo which i love, but wasn't sure if i'd like them as much now they don't give you theoption of the hemp insert.

but have ordered a couple to try anyway :-D

i think part of the problem i have with the fuzzi bunz is that they are too high in the rise, which means that the top ends up folding in on itself and leaking

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