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just started using cloth, need advice on wraps

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Hther Sun 01-Nov-09 11:58:55

tried with my last baby (tots bots) but they were shrunk after being used once as high heat button on dryer had been caught! i liked them as they looked comfy but they took ages to dry, even in dryer, and were very bulky and also had leaks as i found the tots bots wraps not so close fitiing

anyway, have just started again as I have been given some. I have motherease and popolini and also a nature babies all in one and love them all. However, i don't know which wraps to use, i the nappies although apparently one size are quite a squueze and wraps (i have motehrease, and nature babies), my little one has actually gone from 91st centile to 25th (been in 12-18 month vests since 3 months, is now 14 months) but he still has fairly chbby thighs

I want to buy some wraps, what would you experts recommend

NappyShedSal Sun 01-Nov-09 12:32:08

There's another thread on her called PUL wraps, I think, that has lots of wrap recommendations.I only ever recommend Motherease, Lollipop or Onelife but have now discovered Nature Babies Classic wraps which I think are good as well, and come in funky patterns.

LittlePants Sun 01-Nov-09 13:02:33

I too only ever recommend Popolini/Motherease and Nature Babies wraps. (Popolini have the licence to make Motherease designs i Europe, so they are a bit more eco-friendly than Motherease, as they don't have the same energy consumed in transporting,unless you live in Canada or US of course!)
I personally find the Nature Babies the best, efficiency wise, and they have also just brought out a onesize wrap, which is fantastic value. The biggets draw back of Nature Babies is that the PUL used, does tend to stain, but you can soak this out with a nappy sanitizing powder, if they get really bad, and it only seems to be around the gusset that it happens.
If you want something really gentle around the legs, the Sweet Culottes are really nice too, but they are at the luxury end of the market!

I certainly don't rate Tots wraps as being very good.

I didn't know Nature Babies did an all-in-one, but you won't need a wrap with an all-in-one anyway!

ilovemydogandmrobama Sun 01-Nov-09 13:07:45

Tots Bots Flexiwraps are brilliant, and infinitely more reliable than Motherease.

The problem with one size wraps is that it isn't a good fit, so would always suggest sized wraps even if getting a one size nappy. Would try a size 2 wrap.

Hther Sun 01-Nov-09 13:44:52

I love the all in one nature abbies stuffable, yes it is stained already, the motherease rikki wrap i have tried has not leaked yet but i have only been using a couple of days and was afraid that as even when i do it as tight as i can, there is a bit of nappy uncovered by it so thought it would leak, the nature babies classic wrap seems even bigger and again leaves nappy showing so I am afraid this may leak.

i guess you can get leaking with disposables as well though

can i also ask how you all deal with poo, despite age will still only breastfed(am waiting paediatrician appt about this) so runny poos. Also do you do seperate wash for nappies or do you put it with normal wash, if so do you put on a cold wash first

sorry for all questions, its just i am detremined to succeed this time!

swampster Sun 01-Nov-09 16:33:36

My least favourite ever wrap was a Nature Babies one - ugly, gussety things with truely naff designs. Don't remember it being especially efficient either. Motherease Airflows are pretty bomb-proof but very, very un-cute. The new Tots Bots wraps are lovely - look good and work well, and Weenotions wraps are ace - you can design your own for not much more money than something like an Airflow .

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