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bumgenius getting a bit smelly

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eggybrokenoff Sat 31-Oct-09 08:00:01

nappies are a bit whiffy after they have been on a short while. I wash at 60, with a small amount of powder, and do an extra rinse but do they still need stripping? or should I give them a soak in some sanitiser once in a while?

jammietart Sun 01-Nov-09 19:30:32

They prob need stripping. Maybe do another full wash after your 60 without any detergent at all. Then a final rinse and spin. Is it an ammonia smell? This does seem to be a common problem with bumgenius

Ellie295 Sun 01-Nov-09 21:59:09

I have recently started using bumgenius, and so far so good! I did notice that on the cardboard ring the nappy was wrapped in when I bought it, there were some washing instructions which I kept. It said to add a small amount of bleach to the wash once a month. I haven't done this yet, so I don't know what happens - maybe this would take the smell away?

It seems to take ages to wash these nappies though, as I am doing as the packet suggests, more or less. I am washing cold with a small drop of detergent, then hot at 60 degrees with a splash of detergent with an deep rinse, followed by a separate rinse cycle. The packet suggests cold wash, rinse, hot wash, rinse. Does anyone do this? Or are you just washing on a hot cycle? It seems to take forever to wash the nappies, and I'm not so sure how ecological all these washes are.....


Arja Sun 01-Nov-09 22:09:03

oh not bleach, I'd defo not put bleach in.
Best thing to do with man made fibres is cold rinse then wash at 40. Wash with about 2 tablespoons of non-bio - I always recommend supermarket own brand to my customers. The cold rinse stops the smells setting on the man made fibres.
You can add sanitiser powder along with your detergent to kill the bugs & 'bleach' your nappies. But, it's a natural bleach like borax or bicarb of soda. Lollipop do a nice one, Clean and Fresh, Onelife Pure is good too.

Ellie295 Sun 01-Nov-09 22:18:08

I wasn't sure about the bleach thing either, but it's on their website.

Will bear your suggestions in mind should my nappies go smelly in the future!!

justbeme Sun 01-Nov-09 22:30:01

I was told to use some dishwasher Powder instead of washing powder and then an extra rinse and it seemed to work. I just bought some cheap powder in a plastic bottle that you pour into the washing machine.

I just did this once in a while when the smell built up.

Seemed to do the trick.

Octothewetbagpacker Sun 01-Nov-09 23:15:18

Might I suggest the cause may be themicorfibre not drying right through to the chore - they feel dry to touch but can be damp on the inside and then start to smell. Just make sure you dry them properly - to get rid of smell now would do a wash with just sanitiser then dry them thoroughly.

Octothewetbagpacker Sun 01-Nov-09 23:16:07

core (chore not a nappy term lol)

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