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Should I try potty training on holiday?

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Corky Wed 15-Jun-05 14:01:35

My dd is 32 months and I have tried once to train her, but after 9 days I gave up as I didn't think she was quite ready and she rarely asked to go for wees it was always on my prompt.

So we're away to Spain for 2 weeks at the beginning of July (villa with pool), so we'll have the privacy and freedom to try it and my dh to help and she'll basically be outside all day, so maybe its worth a try - what do you think?

WigWamBam Wed 15-Jun-05 14:04:22

I wouldn't, I'd just let her enjoy the holiday without either you or your dd having to worry about potties.

Lua Wed 15-Jun-05 14:13:13

It can't hurt to take the opportunity to leave her diaperless as much as you can. I did this with dd when in vacation so she became very aware of what it felt like to pee and poo, and she got immediatly potty trained for poo! I wouldn't go all out on it though, because there will probably be a lot of new and exciting things to distract her, and it would be unfait to you and DD to concentrate only on it, IYSWIM...

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